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Top 10 Best DIY Halloween Projects

A celebration celebrated on the 31st of October, every year, by millions of people throughout the world whatever their religion. It is yet another excuse to wear something extravagant, party, and look the scarier the better.

The kids love it as they would knock on the neighbor’s doors in the hope to find thousands of sweet treats while wearing their scariest outfits! It is a great way to socialize and let the hair loose, have small bonfires, and warn the ghosts off!

Here are some super little props and ideas for the up-and-coming Halloween Season. These top 10 projects are also about recycling as much as possible while saving the pennies in the pocket.

Halloween Apothecary Jar



If you are looking to spook up your Halloween Holiday, then this is a great start! Not only will you recycle as opposed to simply throwing away, but you will also in the process be creating something so spooky, your most discerned younger guests would love and approve! It is really easy to make and try getting a colored glass jar to do this. If not, get creative! It is reasonably easy to manipulate into a project, as all you’d need are a few basic tools and crafts that could be reused for any other occasion in the future.

Ghost Confetti Poppers



If you are a lover of popcorns, then chances are you could have some popcorn boxes in handy. If not, have another movie night prior to Halloween! These boxes are perfect for the project and can be found in most stores around where you are. These are terrific ideas to do with the kids and the bigger ones alike! The family will surely enjoy making these and chances are they have already found their prey to pop these over! The downside is the cleaning once everyone has popped theirs all over the place. Best to take them to someone else’s home! Simply well worth it!

Burlap Wreath: Halloween Remix



The wreaths are a fantastic way to tell everyone passing by that this home is totally on a Halloween makeover! They already prepare your guests, friends, or family who are about to come inside your home that surprises are there awaiting them. And to be careful at what might lie indoors…It is a brilliant way to DIY and decorating your home with touches to inspire the wannabe monsters! Relatively easy to do with the most basics of products required to make this fantastic door showstopper.

Halloween Lanterns



We’ve all, at least most of us did the scary pumpkin thing. But have you been lying around glass jars that you have been looking to do something productive with them? Then you are in luck. All you’d need is a little spray paint and some drawing skills. Actually, drawing skills that range from 1 to 10 are absolutely fine; it’s all about fun in the end! You can use any size jars. Spray paint in your desired color with the desired design. Lots of ideas over the net. One requirement, make sure it is scary stuff! Put these all-around your home to enhance your theme.

Painted Spiderweb Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Candy Bowl



If you have one or two, or more unnecessary bowls lying around the kitchen and clogging your space, then reuse these for the better! Or perhaps the neighbors gave you treats inside them for the children. This is a great craft that can be done in half an hour and is a great project for the family over the breakfast table to get them pumped up for the occasion. You can use paint pens that you can find in most arts and crafts stores to facilitate things a little while drawing up the webs. Once dried up, put all your spooky treats and let’s see who is brave enough to dip their hands in it!

Easy DIY Halloween Centerpiece



Here are some great ways on how to fabricate from scratch your table by giving it a unique centerpiece. A centerpiece doesn’t always mean a candle with scary stuff, it can be as wild as you want it to be! And, it doesn’t have to put a hole in the pocket either. It is all about trying to reuse what you already have lying around; things that were once unloved perhaps and give them another life to shine once again! This is perfect if you are looking to entertain friends and family over the festivities. Or simply, to keep the children entertained!

DIY Halloween spider



Have you met people not afraid of spiders? Personally, we haven’t! So naturally, here it goes! The scary spider challenge! You could even earn points by seeing how many people in your household can scare the most people! And whoever wins gets the extra sweet treats or they get to pick on a person to dare them to do something scary for the season! Tangle these little fluffy scary spiders in the randomness of places for the best outcome. All you’ll have to do is wait for the aaargh screams! Then deny all existence of the spider!

Halloween Bat Treat Bags



Paper bags are used to make these, although toilet rolls are also perfectly fine! Whatever can be recycled the better in our opinion and besides, it is something already paid for so why pay again? And kids love these crafts regardless anyway. They will surely look really cool. These are great if you have a vase already, get to the outdoors, and get small branches. Get the kids to hunt for them while you stay in the warmth of your indoors! Nothing better than a little exercise anyway! Tie them upside down and create a scary little centerpiece that you can put anywhere around the house.

Halloween Bucket



If you happen to have all of the needs around the house then great, but if not, use any flower pot you might have lying around the house. You could even decorate a pot with plants or flowers inside already anyway which will look great. Personalize your home by doing a simple craft for the Halloween Season. You’d need a little paint from your local arts and craft store and get painting. Really simple to do but maximizing the theme of scaring the ghosts away! Get the bucket or flower pot as part of your trick-or-treat candy around the neighborhood.

Spider-Filled Fountain



Always wanted to spruce up the boring-looking terracotta flower pots in your home? Great craft to once again, and yes we do love to recycle on Top Inspired as much as possible, use up what you already have not just saved the pennies, but to look after our environment. You could make these while teaching the next generation the importance of having fun while doing their part for the planet. It’s an absolute win-win thing. Get some spooky black paint, get spraying and get arty! You could use the DIY spider mentioned earlier as part of the decoration. And of course, include a lot of sweets within it. Happy Halloween everyone.

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