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Top 10 Playfull DIY Playhouse Projects

As soon as they begin walking and speaking, our children start looking for a place just for them. They love entering a world of fun and play that only they can see and understand. But, when they can’t leave the house, often their play leaves the boundaries of their imaginary world and they use the whole house as their playground, creating a lot of damage along the way.

That’s why we need to make those boundaries of fun obvious for everyone, by making a space just for the kids, their very own playhouse in the house. With these top 10 DIY projects, you will have an indoor playhouse almost for free and your kids will have their own corner of endless fun without tearing down the house.

Hula Hoop Gnome Home Playhouse



Make your little woodland fairy prince or princes a suitable home, with just hula hoops, PVC pipe, and some fabric. You might need a bit more time to make the cover, but it will definitely be worth it.

Bottom Bunk Fort



End the siblings’ squabble without having to separate them in different rooms. With this bunk bed fort, your children can have their privacy with just the flick of a hand.

TeePee Tutorial



Does your kid love play cowboys and Indians? Then make his or her play-space suitably wild, with this tee-pee tutorial that your little Indian will howl for.

Indoor Tree House With Slide and Rock Climbing Wall



The weather is bad again and your active and energetic kids are tearing down the house again. That will be the thing of the past with this indoor treehouse that will keep even the most rambunctious child entertained for hours.

Collapsible Cardboard Playhouse



If your home doesn’t have enough space for a fixed play-space for your child, make this collapsible playhouse from cardboard that you can easily pit away anywhere when you have guests and put it back up afterward in just seconds.

Children’s Play Tent



This easy to make, flowing tent is a dream come true for 1001 Arabian nights and days of fun for your little Persian prince or princess. All you need is a little time and a small knack for sewing.

Cardboard Camper Playhouse



Let your child travel the world without stepping a foot outside your house, with this amazing playhouse camper made from breadboards and duck-tape.

A Playhouse Under the Table



There isn’t a child that hasn’t played under the dining table at least once. So, why not turn it into a permanent playground for your child by putting a large tablecloth over it and cutting out doors and windows. Instant playhouse.

PVC Pipe Playhouse



Sometimes despite having their own room, kids just want a house of their own. And they can have one in miniature, you just need a quick trip to the hardware store to get some fabric and PVC pipes and joints.

Cardboard Playhouses



When your house is so full of kids that it can double as a kindergarten, one way to keep the kids entertained is by making them play cul-de-sac. Because you need kids’ houses for that, here’s how you can make some fast from simple cardboard.

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