10 DIY Room Dividers – Creative Projects for Small Spaces

Room dividers work wonderfully in small spaces if you want to turn a single room into a multi-functional space. It is also a great solution for renters since you can’t just build a partial wall into a rented apartment. There are many different ideas and designs to choose from. Generally, if you have a small space the best is to go for opaque solutions that allow light to filter through and air to circulate. Also the color should match the color of the walls.

Many DIY Room dividers are easily movable, like sliding doors or hanging curtains to suit the needs of the moment.

Room dividers can change your home’s atmosphere creating privacy in a small space. Make the most of your small space or studio with a room divider. With a little creativity you can do so many things with your new wall, decorate it in different ways, or use it as a hanger or shelf, it is up to you. Even though you could buy them at furniture stores, DIY projects are always fun. To help you find the solution that will fit your budget, design style and home we have collected ten different ideas.

Twinkling Branches DIY Room Divider

topSquarevia markmontanoblogs.blogspot.in

Light-up your room with this twinkling room divider. The dimmed light will make your home really cozy and it will fill up the space with warmth. Made with branches, wooden frames, some hinges and Christmas tree lights it is a low-budget solution.

Old Vinyl LP’s Room Divider

top5069f536fb04d60a4d00088f._w.540_h.722_s.fit_via www.apartmenttherapy.com

This creative DIY screen divider works perfectly in small spaces. It divides the room without blocking the light and giving it an airy atmosphere. Create your own with just a few old vinyls, some tools and contact paper to create a streamlined, graphic look.

Old Door Room Divider

topdoor-room-dividervia www.awesomeinventions.com

An ingenious way the use old doors is to turn them into a room divider. The beauty of it lays in its impermanence, as opposed to a wall you can move it around easily than to the furniture casters. Add some hooks or narrow shelves to make the most of your new wall.

Pallet Room Divider

toppallet-room-dividervia woodenpalletfurniture.com

Almost all our DIY articles include a project that uses wooden pallets. This is because they are easy to work with and extremely cheap. Check out this pallet room divider. It has an unconventional and rustic look, and can function as an extra wall and an image display.

Rope Wall

topBrickHouseRopeWall-029-copy1via www.the-brick-house.com

This vertical jute rope division wall retains light and visibility throughout the entire space. If you want to have a small office area this idea can be a great match. The natural jute rope brings a warm texture into your home. A larger green houseplant will look fantastic next to the ropes.

Build Your Rack with Screen

topdsc3614via www.kootutmurut.com

While you can buy clothes racks or heavy duty rails, building your own rack might be a better idea because the specific size you will need to suit your room. This room divider will give you the flexibility to change a space’s utility with ease. If you no longer need a screen you can easily turn it into a normal rack for your clothes and shoes.

Classic Folding Screen

topHow-to-decorate-an-empty-co_thumbvia inmyownstyle.com

A decorative screen can change your entire room instantly. Build your own wooden folding screen and paint it with your favorite color. It is such a useful item and versatile that no home should be without one. Use it as a room divider or to hide empty corners or walls.

Folding Screen with Photos

topcool-room-divider-ideasvia www.hauntfestwi.com

Here is an upgraded version of the folding screen, with built in picture frames. The black color goes well with black and white photos but you can also choose some nice pastel colors. It will fill provide privacy, fill an awkward empty corner and decorate your home.

Hanging Window

topIMG_9160via jonesdesigncompany.com

Here is a more complex but absolutely beautiful idea for dividing rooms. Adding an old window will define spaces while keeping them bright and open. This project uses a barn door track to hang the window from so it is also functional. It will definitely be the centerpiece of your home!

IKEA Hack Room Dividers

top20131104-225856via helenhousandi.com

Here is what you can create with just a few items – IKEA Ivar side units, some brass hinges, staples and a piece of textile. This solution will fit to any budgets and depending on the fabric you use, it will create a special atmosphere in your home. Think about a beautiful piece of damask!

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