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Top 10 Easy and Inspiring DIY Twine Projects for Your Home

Spring is here that gives us one more reason to refresh our surroundings, to create something new; after all, it is the season of rebirth and creation. Start with the small things, add some new ornaments to your home or restore your old ones by simply adding a few extra details.

The perfect detail could be twine. Twine is a thread composed of a couple of yarns twisted together, it is very strong, and it is very decorative. If you use it correctly, it can change the appearance of the item you are redecorating.

We chose some small projects that you can do in less than 15 minutes, and we are using the item of the month- twine! Scroll down and pick a project that appeals to you most. Good luck and have a fun DIY day!

1. Twine Lamp Shade



A fun way to start the day is by making this super easy twine lamp shade. Just imagine the satisfaction when pointing out to the ceiling and saying, ” I made that.” Get a balloon, some modge podge, and twine. Dip the twine in the modge podge and start wrapping the balloon. Once the twine is dry, pop the balloon and insert the electrical.

2. Nautical Lamp



Update your grandmother’s lamp by wrapping it with twine. The twine will give the lamp a nautical look, and you can make it even more themed by changing the lamp-shade, choose a nautical pattern ( stripes, boats, oars, etc.) will have an entirely new lamp.

3. Twine-Wrapped Picture Frame



Picture frames can oftentimes be plain and boring, but they shouldn’t because dear memories lay between the four borders. Make them fun and rustic looking. Use hot-glue when wrapping the twine around the wooden frame. The edges of the frame will normally have a little more twine because they are harder to wrap. The glue will dry quickly; you will be able to use your frames in no time.

4. Twine-Wrapped Cabinet Handles



Another great way to use the all-mighty twine is by wrapping it around your old and rusty handles. You can do this with all your handles in your home, including door handles! The best part? It will take you less than 5 minutes to make one handle. When the twine gets messy and scraggly, remove it and glue a new twine after some time.

5. DIY Pear Ornament



These sweet, pear looking ornaments are made with old light bulbs, some twine, and glue. They are the perfect centerpiece for your coffee table. Glue the light bulb and start wrapping the twine around it (start from the top of the light bulb). After you are finished wrapping, insert a small spillikin at the bottom of the light bulb (in this case, it is the top of the pear ornament).

6. Twine-Wrapped Tire Table



This project will take longer than 15 minutes, but you will be amazed at the results once you are done. If it is your first time making a DIY table, this project is the perfect way to start building those skills. Get an old tire, measure and cut a wooden tabletop and bottom (optional). Start gluing the twine around the tire, wrap a new twine at the top of the tire and the bottom (once again, optional). Let the twine settle in place and dry, congrats! You now own an entirely new table made by you.

7. Re-purposed Food Storage Containers



If you have old containers waiting and begging to be re-purposed in any way possible, try this twine project. Twine is usually very cheap, so you will be able to make your containers look fabulous with pocket money. Glue the containers, wrap them with twine starting from the outside, and work your way to the inside. These are perfect for storing fruit and vegetables.

8. Twine Coasters



No more annoying water stains on your table. These twine coasters are perfectly capable of absorbing any liquid on the glasses, and they look pretty zen, right? You will need some twine and hot glue. Add the hot glue at the sides of the twine and start wrapping the twine around itself. That simple!

9. Vintage Wedding Flower Jars



The wedding flower arrangements are usually very expensive. Why not save some money for the honeymoon, and do these cute twine-wrapped mason jars. Wrap a section of the mason jar and add a ribbon in the middle.

10. Twine-Wrapped Bottle Centerpiece



This rustic looking centerpiece is very appropriate for this season. Combined with a few candles and a mini mason jar plant, it gives us the impression of a magical fairyland. The twined bottle’s making is very simple, glue the twine and start wrapping the bottle from the top and work your way to the bottom.

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