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Top 10 Easy Halloween Crafts

The 31st of October is coming … so get ready. We have created really simple Halloween crafts to prepare for the holiday season. The kids would love to get their creativity going, and besides it will get them away from the video games or tv set, and you can actually have a conversation with them while doing something super cool.

They would love it. This list contains homemade ideas with some recycling in mind. There is something for everyone. And if you are totally for a celebration, then start from number one making you through to number ten!

1. Easy Halloween Craft – Luminaries for The Kids



Great little painting projects this for the kids and adults alike, getting the bond going in starting within the family. If you have a small candle. Clear glass holders were begging to get decorated in the first place. You will need a little paint for these and paint whatever springs to mind at that very moment. You can do as many as you wish, and spread them around the house creating a warm environment and hoping to scare away the Halloween ghosts! Do not forget to blow the candles before bed!

Easy Crochet Candy Corns



Scary is the new cute and cute well, vice versa! If you are handy enough with knitting, then you must try and give this a go! Super fun to make and even more so once you’ll have gathered a few to lie them around the home. It makes a great decoration in your home great for getting ready to host a party in your home. These can be gifted too, with some treats along the way. A little touch that will make the receiver of the present very happy as it is, in the end, something that was done by your own hands.

Spiderweb Plates and Scribble Monsters



Perhaps when you hosted the last kid’s party or had a barbecue with everyone gathered in your garden, you might have spare plastic or paper plates lying around. Try to buy recycled paper plates. There is enough plastic in the world! Anyway rant over, these can be recycled to maintain your scary theme ready for the scary season in October. You’ll need some black yarn which will pop against the white plate. Let the feet dangle for a more realistic touch of genius. One for the children and yourself to enjoy to craft.

Halloween Apothecary Jars



Make your own medicine jars filled with little treats for the entire family to enjoy. Just make sure to wake up early before your little monsters, AKA your children, devour everything after spending a little time doing this DIY craft! Any size jars can be used and some say the bigger the better! Dieting can be from the 1st of November so no worries there! It is a good way to recycle unloved jars to make them have a second life into something special ready to scare off the greediest of little people in your home.

Jack-o-Lantern Luminaries



Most of us love the idea of candles and real-life fire eliminating their home without having an unnatural source of lights. And candles are brilliant for this. Besides, it creates warmth within the home and adds a punch to your Halloween theme. Get jars or lanterns if you have some to spare and get painted in the perfect scary orangey color. This is super quick but a super-efficient way to create the perfect monster theme around the home without needing too much in the first place.

Paper Plate Ghost



These little flying ghosts are perfect to decorate your kid’s room while at school or running errands somewhere with their friends. They would be super surprised to see that their room has had the Halloween theme makeover, and would love you the moreover. You can leave the recycled paper plates white, or if you have spray paint then do them in your favorite scary color! You can do octopuses by increasing the number of legs or tentacles to the plates, or anything that would look big and scary with dangly bits coming off it!

Parsnip And Carrots Pumpkin Characters



We are certain that in between making all these crafts for the season, you have been busy thinking about your next food shopping and what to make for Halloween dinner. Well, let us help you. Whatever you are making, do something with parsnips, carrots, and pumpkin! Make sure to have a few more pieces of each to make these super fun characters animated with a little craft rolling the sleeves up. These would look great in the kitchen or as part of the decor of the dinner table. One Halloween over, do not forget that these beautiful veggies are to be eaten!

Jack O’Lantern Fruit



Have you been fighting to make your children eat more fruits and veggies? Well, this is a great idea to have them eat their vitamin Cs without an ounce of effort! Sounds good right? We know! Make something fun out of clementines, oranges, or mandarins by creating a Halloween snack and put this as a surprise in their lunch box! They’ll never know but would love the surprise! I’m certain you would earn brownie points and in the same process know that they would totally be eating the entire fruit selection! This could even give you further ideas on how to make them eat their “5 a day” more often, and not just the once-a-year thing!

Mummy Jars and Milk Jug Ghosts



This craft will necessitate a little tour in your first aid kit! Just remember to replenish it is required! One would have never known that with a little band-aid something creepy and spooky can be made for the ghostly scary season! Very easy craft without needing too many arts and crafts products, that will generate such a bang of an impact. Because it has fabric, we would recommend using an electric, fake candlelight in order to minimize the potential risks; especially with the little ones around. Use any plastic, alas, milk container and start the magic for your ghost jugs. Lovely DIY to do with the children around.

Polka Dot Witch Hat Tutorial



Lovers of music, but have the odd vinyl lying around which frankly the music is so bad that you have meant to discard it immediately if not sooner, then do not throw away, make a scary witch hat out of it. You’ll require a few special tools such as a hot glue gun, but if you have one to hand then by all means carry this craft through. Would be a great decoration for the home and something you can all do together, and why not also use this as a photo opportunity to send to the entire family dressing the little ones in a homemade Halloween costume, something they would be very proud of wearing knowing they’ve contributed greatly to the craftsmanship!

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