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TOP 10 Easy DIY Halloween Masks

Halloween is just around the corner and you haven’t got any idea for your costume yet? Everyone eventually gets bored of seeing the same ones year after year so it’s always a great idea to add an individual touch to your costume. The best way of doing so is to wear something homemade, like any of this DIY Halloween Masks we have selected for you. Some of them are perfect for kids and grown-ups as well. A cool mask makes a costume and looks great with just a black dress and some witchy, spooky, and creepy jewelry. Within half an hour you can make any of these masks. Let’s get to it than!

1. Beautiful Beaded Mask


To make this gorgeous handmade mask you will need a plain mask to use as your base, a toilet paper roll, some beads, a hot glue gun, and white paint. Use beads any color of your choice pearly white, spooky black or glow in the dark beads to bring the darker side out. No matter which one you go for, this will be an eye-catchy mask!

2. DIY Lace Mask


You can get this mask ready literally in 15 minutes. You will need some black nylon netting, black lace, spray adhesive and ribbon. The mask pattern is included in the tutorial. Download it, cut it out and follow the tutorial. Grab a black cocktail dress with a little lace and you are ready for the Halloween party.

3. Elegant Masquerade Mask


Save money and have fun at the same time by making this beautiful masquerade mask. You will need tulle or sheer fabric, fabric scissors, ribbon, black and gold fabric paint, saran wrap and tape. Decorate it with beads or gems for a dramatic, elegant look. Click here for a detailed tutorial.

4. Feathered Halloween Mask


Here is another DIY project to make your own unique mask. This glamorous feathered glitter mask will brighten up a simple dress. You will need a plastic mask as a base, glitter, glue and feathers. Simple, cheap and perfect when you need a costume at the last minute! Pick any other colors to suit your costume.

5. Gorgeous DIY Mask


Show off your DIY mask on Halloween after you made this elegant lace mask. You will only need a few things: a nice piece of scalloped lace trim, two feather patches, glue, scissors and 1 yd of satin ribbon. It goes very fast to get it done, which makes it a great last-minute costume.

6. Easy Glitter Masks


Glitters, glitters and more glitters! Super easy and cute option if you are running late with your own or your kids costume. A DIY treat box that matches the mask is also included in the tutorial. Only a few minutes to prepare it and after an hour drying time your are good to go.

7. Printable Halloween Masks


Printable Halloween masks for your kids, it can’t get easier than this! Black cat, skull, spider, green monster are perfect for the little ones. Click on the link and download the masks. There are also blank templates for printing on colored paper or let the kids color in their own creepy creations.

8. DIY Spirit Animal Mask


Here is a DIY spirit animal mask constructed from paper for beginner crafters. Probably you already have everything at home what you need for this mask: cardstock, glue sticks, scissors, and writing implements. Create your template, cut your design from the cardstock and decorate it.

9. DIY Bat Mask for Kids


Here is a super easy Bat Mask for the kids. You can whip it up in about 30 minutes by using felt, contrasting thread, coordinating thread and elastic. Click on the link for a free pattern and follow the step-by-step tutorial. 

10. DIY Paper Mache Mask


This really easy Halloween mask DIY project is a lot of fun to make. If you have done paper mache before you are already familiar with the process, if not, than here is the time to give it a try. You will need water, flour, paper strips, tinfoil, clingfilm, brush and paint. Use tinfoil to build up animal features or any other shapes you want. The mask has to dry overnight after that you can get creative with paint.

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