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Top 10 Free Crochet Afghan Baby Blanket Pattern

Step by step, the cold weather is coming, which means you have to provide your baby with warm clothes and blankets. The afghan blankets are one of the best ways to warm up your baby. Knitted or crocheted afghan baby blankets are especially warm.

They are also infinitely customizable. There are so many different designs; you have to choose your favorite and start with knitting.

We chose the best 10 free crochet afghan baby blanket patterns, and we would like to share them with you. Some of them are easier to make (for beginners to crochet), while the others are a little bit more complicated but more cute and unique.

Step by step, you can learn how to crochet, and we are sure you will make it!

1. Baby Blue Blanket



Enjoy this nice looking knitted baby blanket. The base is blue, but you can also add few other colors  (orange and green) to make it more colorful.

2. Lion Blanket



This lion blanket is perfect either for boys and girls. You can change the colors. It is interesting and so babyish. Your baby will enjoy it.

3. Turquoise and Lime Crochet Star Blanket



This could be defined as a rainbow ripple blanket or as a star blanket. You can make it with pastel colors or with more intense colors. Whatever you choose, you won’t make mistakes; both are cute.

4. Crochet Elephant Lovie



Also, this one could be either for boys and girls. This is a great idea because it’s a combination of both toys and blankets. It’s sweet, adorable, and charming!

5. Simple White Blanket



Besides all these colorful and different shape blankets, here is a simple one-color warm blanket. This one is dense knitted. It makes the blanket thicker, which is perfect for the cold winter nights.

6. Flower Blanket



This blanket is absolutely for baby girls because of the flowers and the pink and red colors which make this blanket so cheerful and perfect for springtime.

7. Teddy Bear Granny Squares Blanket



Here you can find the tutorial for making these teddy bear squares, which you can use for making the baby blanket or for pillows, garlands, or pincushions.

8. Bunny Blanket



We could also say for this one that it is a combination of toy and blanket. The few bunnies on it will entertain your baby while it sits on the blanket.

9. Crochet Hoodie Blanket



This hoodie blanket is so practical because you can wrap your baby when you hold it in your hands, and at the same time, you can cover his head with the hoodie, which is part of this crochet blanket.

10. Owl Blanket (PDF)

If you are a lover of owl design, this is the perfect choice for making a crochet blanket for your baby. It could also be a perfect gift for someone who likes the owl design.

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Free Crochet Afghan Baby Blanket Pattern”

  1. The owl blanket pattern isn’t free. The links (to two websites) lead to the creator of the pattern and they are selling it for $6.00. I’m not sure if the other 9 blanket patterns are free or not.
    Please triple check your sources before posting links and examples of “free patterns” online.

    • Sarah, I’m not sure where you were directed to, that you found the owl blanket pattern for sale, but I had no problems linking to the free pattern offered by RedHeart! Click on the link where is says – via WWW. REDHEART.COM under the title 10. OWL BLANKET (PDF) and just wait for the download to complete, open it, and the pattern is right there! Good luck, hope you can download it, it is such a lovely blanket!

      • The round owl blanket on is free, but it not the one shown on the pinterest link. So I trawled through a lot of irrelevant stuff just to find that the free blanket is not the one I want.

        Unfortunately this happens a lot with pinterest links.

        • I agree, I was looking for the rectangle owl afghan also but followed the link to the round one. If anyone knows how to get the pattern for the rectangle owl afghan please post, I would really appreciate it.

          • She’s on Etsy, ravelry and Facebook as the hat and I, so at the very least the image was used without proper credit

  2. I cannot believe how slow and almost impossible it is to open this web site. I need to make one more granny square and I can’t remember how to make it. Very frustrating.

  3. Sarah is right. Owl pattern is not free. It is sold on etsy,com. The owl pattern that you offer on 10 with pdf is acompletely a different model. Check your pictures and sıurces twice.

  4. I also came here for the owl blanket and found out that it is not free. Then went for the lion blanket and it is NOT not free either.
    What a joke!!!!

  5. The ‘owl obsession’ rectangular blanket you are looking for is by Mark end of The Hat and I. Here’s the link to buy the pattern. I bought it myself. 🙂

  6. I agree, many items I find are difficult to get to and information is confusing. When you do get there, there is often a charge for the pattern. I realize they want to make money, but $6 is too much and I think they should make available free if they put it on Pinterest! !


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