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How To Prepare Your Backyard For The Summer

Summer’s quickly approaching, which means you’ll want to make sure your backyard is ready for it. Whether it’s to spruce up your landscaping or make it a fun place to host events, there are a handful of things to do to prep it. Below are some tips to consider to help you. 


7 Ways to Prep Your Backyard for Summer

1. Check Your Deck

If you plan to use your deck for parties or just to hang out, make sure it’s a safe area to do so. Over time, areas can wear down. This is especially a problem if your deck is old or made of cheap materials. Some common issues you might find include mildew, warped boards, termite damage, or loose nails. If you notice any of these, make sure to fix them quickly. 

Apart from this, consider having an addition or feature added to it. This way, your deck is fully ready for summer fun. You could contact local deck builders to get some ideas of what could be done with the space. They can also offer some design advice, like the best material to use for your space or some potential features to incorporate, like a fire pit or outdoor kitchen. 

2. Aerate the Lawn

For those who want stunning summer grass, take time to aerate it before this season strikes. Aeration makes small holes in the ground, encouraging air flow and less compaction. This will make it easier for nutrients to reach grass roots, so they produce strong green blades. 

To aerate your lawn, you can rent a large aerator or get a small handheld one to do it manually. Make sure to do this well before summer hits, though. Aerating during this season could stress your lawn and have the opposite effect of what you’re hoping for. 

Take time to aerate spaces that have a lot of foot traffic especially. Consistent movement over certain areas will make the ground compact, making it difficult for grass to grow. 

3. Fertilize the Grass

As with aerating, fertilizing is essential for a healthy lawn. However, while aerating encourages grass roots to absorb nutrients, fertilizer is what provides that. 

How much, when, and the type of fertilizer you’ll need depends on the grass you’re growing. For example, cool-season grass often needs to be fertilized in early spring, while warm-season varieties need to be fertilized in spring and late summer. 

After applying the fertilizer, make sure to water the grass sufficiently. This will encourage the compounds to break down and quickly feed the grass. 

4. Add Plants

Another way to spruce up your backyard is to add some plants. These could be in containers or large garden beds. They’ll add color and texture to your backyard, and many will fill it with wonderful fragrances. Some to consider adding include:

  • Lantana
  • Hibiscus
  • Black-eyed susan
  • Marigold
  • Aster
  • Purple coneflower
  • Elephant ear

If you enjoy the culinary arts, you might plant herbs, vegetables, or fruit trees throughout the backyard. These will not only provide you with delicious things to eat but can also add scent, color, and shade. 


5. Clean Up Spaces

You’ll also want to spend some time cleaning outdoor spaces. This could be a shed or areas around your home that have collected leaves, sticks, and similar debris over the past few months. Doing so will keep your backyard spotless and prevent potential issues like pest infestations. 

6. Wash Off Outdoor Furniture

If you have outdoor furniture, now is the time to remove outdoor debris that might be clinging to it. You can do this simply with a hose and quickly wash down. For example, you could scrub some soap over the pieces with a washcloth and then hose them down for a deeper clean. 

While you can let the pieces air dry, it is also good to dry them off quickly with a clean cloth. This will help the process go faster and can prevent potential warping or discoloration. 

7. Consider a Water Feature

Do you enjoy hosting parties or just want to make your backyard a beautiful retreat for yourself during the summer? Consider brainstorming some water features to add to it to make it a sought-after spot. This could be an in-ground swimming pool, water wall, or fish pond. 

These features enhance the space’s looks and can, block out noise pollution and even create calming sounds as they run. You can often add various aspects to your water feature, like embedded lights or music. They can also be added to other backyard structures, like a water wall built into a fire pit. 

Prepping your backyard for the summer doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Remembering the tips above, you can create a fun, beautiful, and safe space to enjoy this season in. 

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