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How to Take Out Nose Stud With Flat Back

Nose studs in general are such a beautiful addition to body jewelry that are so underrated compared to other ornaments. It provides such an elegant and subtle look that adds so much grace to one’s face. It comes in different shapes and sizes. Some are made using gold and some using silver. Some use diamonds, some use stones and some are just plain gold or silver. 

In some parts of the world, Nose pins or rings are part of their culture that represents or symbolizes womanhood or coming-of-age. While for some people it is a way of expression and some it just another accessory. Whatever the reason, there is no denying that such a small addition to your face can bring so much grace.

Nose Piercing 


When you’re getting a nose piercing, it is a permanent addition to your body so it’s very important for you to be certain and content with the change. Before getting the piercing done a thorough consult with your piercer is a must, this includes the following:

Professional Consult

Consulting with a professional piercer is a must. They will take you through the procedure, discuss your preference on the piercing point and check if it’s safe to get it done as per your anatomy. The piercer will see if your preferred piercing point has any nerve passing through and if it’s safe to get a piercing done there.

Pick The Jewelry

Quality of the jewelry plays a vital role to know if it was a successful piercing. Your piercer will lay out a few suggestions on appropriate materials like implant-grade titanium, stainless steel, silver or 14K/18K gold that normally don’t cause any allergic reactions or irritations. They will also lay out suggestions on the size, shape and design that matches your face structure and you can choose the one that’s best to your liking.

Health Consideration

It’s important for piercer to know if you have any allergies to the materials that is being used during the piercing or any health conditions that may cause inconvenience to both the parties.This will help them come up with an effective solution and advise you some precautionary measures or considerations to ensure a safe and comfortable piercing experience.

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Things To Consider Before Selecting Your Nose Stud.

A saying that goes well with this situation is “Precaution is better than cure”. Before you try to remove your nose stud that’s causing you trouble or inconvenience, it’s important to understand its structure and your nose type. The nose suds are mainly divided into three parts, namely:

The Decorative

The part which features various designs, shapes, materials like diamonds and gemstones. It’s the part that’s visible to people when they look at your nose stud

The Post

Post is the long and straight section of the stud that goes through your piercing. If your nostril tissues are thick it’s better to have a lengthier post than a shorter one, because it helps in air circulation that helps in fast healing  and it’s also easy when you wanna change the stud.

The Flat Back

The flat back is the part where the post is secured inside the nostril.This part of the nose stud rests against the inside of the nostril. The main function of the flat back is to provide stability and comfort, preventing the post from poking the inside of the nose or falling off from the piercing hole.

Take Out Nose Stud With Flat Back

To safely remove the nose stud that has a flat back, you will need a few items:

  1. Clean Hands
  2. Cotton pads or balls
  3. A Mirror
  4. Tweezers
  5. Saline Solution
  6. Tissue

Below is a brief guide to remove a Nose stud the right and safe way:

  • Before even starting the process of removing the piercing, washing your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water is very important as hygiene is a must. Dry your hands using tissues or a clean cloth. All see to that all the materials that are being used are clean, new or sterilized.
  • Position yourself in front of the mirror where you can clearly see your nose and the nose stud.
  • Clean the nose stud with saline solution. Pick a cotton pad or ball and dip it in the saline solution. Gently clean the area around the nose stud, first in dabbing motion and later in swiping motion. This step helps remove any dead skins, dried mucus and helps disinfect the piercing.
  • Use your fingers to carefully hold the decorative end of the nose stud. Use your left hand if you have the piercing on the left side and the right hand if you have it on the right. By doing so, you are not blocking the view or getting your hands tangled.
  • Take the tweezers in the other hand and gently grab the flat back. Remember to only hold it steady and not squeeze too hard as it might bend the flat back and also cause discomfort.
  • Once you have the flat back steadily held by the tweezers, you can now slowly and gently start unscrewing the stud. Keep in mind to unscrew the decorative end of the stud counterclockwise (to the left).
  • When you’re done unscrewing the stud, gently remove the post through your piercing hole from the front of the nose, and the flat back from the inside of the nostril.
  • Be sure to clean the piercing area post removing the nose stud. This time it’s important to be thorough when cleaning the area. You can use another cotton pad or ball, soak it in saline solution, take it in the tweezer and clean the area to remove any dead skins build up and prevent bacterial infection.
  • Take a tissue and place both the decorative end and the flat back of the nose stud on it. Thoroughly inspect if there’s any damage or dirt buildup.Clean the pieces individually with a saline solution, dry it on tissue before reassembling them.
  • Once both the decorative end and the flat back of the nose stud are cleaned and inspected, gently screw the decorative end back onto the post and be careful not to overtighten it.

Here is a good youtube video on nose piercing:.

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Note: Make sure to not keep the piercing hole open for a long time, as it might close and cause pain while inserting the piercing again.

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