BEST 10+ 10 Mini Cakes to Serve at Parties

When it comes to desserts, the mini cakes are a great idea. They are small and they look adorable and on top of that, they taste amazing. You can make them with different flavors and toppings and voila, you have the perfect dessert to serve at your party.

1. Lemon Blueberry Bundt Cake


With this recipe you are going to get about twenty mini bundt cakes. These mini cakes are perfect if you want something sweet and lemon-ish to serve. Blueberries fit perfectly with the rest of the ingredients, but you can also try some other berries as well. Raspberries are always a great idea because they taste amazing in almost every dessert!

2. Mini Pink Ombre Cakes


These mini cakes might be the perfect dessert for your daughter’s birthday or when it comes to other girl celebrations. They don’t have to be pink, the color is your choice – you can even make rainbow cake. When it comes to the instructions, follow them carefully. After the baking, cooling and cutting, covering them is preferred in order to keep them moist, they can dry out if not covered.

3. Mini Orange Bundt Cakes


These orange bundt cakes have an amazing glaze made from buttermilk, orange zest, orange juice and confectioner’s sugar. It gives away very delicious taste of orange and sweet at the same time. With this recipe, you will get about 12 orange mini cakes. If you prefer, you can serve them with some fruit, such as berries, or with a fruit jam.

4. Vanilla Bean Mini Bundt Cakes


Vanilla lovers, you really must try this one out. The cakes are light and they have the perfect amount of sweetness – the vanilla bean knows how to make everything so tasty. The glaze is made of one spoon of the vanilla bean combined with cup of sugar and milk. After cooling, you should put the glaze on the mini cakes.

5. Mini Chocolate Bundt Cakes


And here’s something for you, chocolate lovers. These chocolate mini cakes are the ideal mini combination of chocolate chips, cocoa powder and coffee. If you think that the recipe can’t get better, well it can – the glaze is made of cocoa powder, butter, sugar and coffee and all of these together make a super tasty glaze. Eating one of these will lead to eat another one… Or maybe two.

6. Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cakes


If you’re more into something sweet and fruity, then this recipe is a must. These mini cakes will catch your guests’ attention because of the way they are served – upside down. Plus, their topping is super tasty – a combination of fresh pineapple and maraschino cherries. From the recipe, you get dozen of these must try mini cakes.

7. Mini Flourless Chocolate Cakes


Don’t you just wish to eat them by looking at the picture? Instead of wondering how good these mini cakes taste, make them at home. If that’s not enough to convince you to get in the kitchen, then you should know that not only they taste so good, but they are done in only thirty minutes! In that time, you can get 12 of these soft, creamy, food beauties.

8. Mini Raspberry Chocolate Cake


These mini cakes are done in only 15 minutes! They are made of chocolate, raspberries glaze, hazelnuts, maple syrup and other ingredients that would make your stomach crawl for more of these amazing cakes. Make sure you prepare more of these, because your guests surely won’t leave without eating another piece of them.

9. Mini Coffee and Walnut Cakes


This recipe is a must, simply because it’s a perfect combination of cake, buttercream and hazelnuts. The cakes are light, with the right amount of sweetness, so serving them is a good dessert idea for warm, spring days when everybody wants to eat something sweet, but not too heavy for the stomach.

10. Mini Black Forest Cakes


With mini cakes like these, there’s not guest that will refuse eating at least of them. They are soft, creamy, cocoa mini cakes with a nice dark chocolate topping, and the list goes on – with whipped cream and some cherries on topliterally! Aren’t they the perfect sweet treat for any occasion? After trying them out, you will realize that you won’t need an occasion to make them again!

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