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Top 10 Beauty Habits You Should Be Doing Every Morning

Mornings can be tough, especially if you’re not a morning person. But, the morning routine helps us set the tone for the day better, allowing us to control our schedules rather than our schedule controlling us. As we start our day fresh we can better focus on what is in front of us, where to prioritize our time, and increase our productivity.

We collected 10 beauty-boosting habits for a better start to your day. From food and drink tips to skin and exercise advice, we’ve covered you with all must-dos that you should add to your AM routine. Fresh and perfect during the whole day!

Take A Power Shower


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The dilemma of taking shower in the morning or in the evenings and which one is more beneficial splits us into two teams: Morning Team and Team Night. People who love morning showers will tell you that there is no better way to start the day, than washing away all the toxins from sleep. It awakes you, improves blood circulation, and helps to surge the energy. While team night will say that evening showers will improve your sleep, release the stress and get rid of your skin bacterias. Morning or evening, it is impossible not to like showers!

Drink A Big Glass Of Water


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Drinking water first thing in the morning immediately helps rehydrate the body and cleans all the waste. Water fires up your metabolism, hydrates you, helps your body flush out toxins, gives your brain fuel, and is also one of the secrets behind glowing skin. Drinking water also improves the creation of new blood cells as well as muscle cells and helps you in losing weight. It is recommended to take a cup of lukewarm water in the mornings to keep your body balanced.

Use An Antioxidant Serum


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Using antioxidant serum protects your skin from environmental damage as well as sun damage. Because you are protecting the skin it is important to apply the serum to a dry face first thing in the morning. Antioxidants not only protect your skin from radical damage but also slow down the deterioration of your skin’s natural proteins that are responsible for giving your skin structure and firmness. Applying daily will improve your skin elasticity so that you get resilient skin.

Brush Teeth And Scrape Your Tongue


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Most people are used to brushing teeth after their breakfast, however, it is healthier to brush them right after you wake up. This way you are getting rid of the bacteria which was building up during your sleep. Another important step is to scrape your tongue. By doing so, you will get fresher breath, better-tasting food (scraping removes mucus which blocks the taste buds), prevent the toxins from reentering your body, and promotes gum health.

Eat A Healthy Nutritious Breakfast


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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It improves your energy levels and ability to concentrate. Skipping the morning meal can throw off your body’s rhythm of fasting and eating. When you wake up, the blood sugar your body needs is to make your muscles and brain work their best. Breakfast balances blood sugar levels, kickstart your metabolism, promotes heart health, and stimulates the brain. Thus you should never skip taking your morning nutrition.

Open The Windows And Make Your Bed


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10 to 15 minutes is preferable, depending on the weather. We need oxygen in order to function properly, and therefore air that is lacking in oxygen is not going to do you much good. When you open up windows and doors, you’re helping the home to get rid of the stale air and bringing in the new, fresh air. Also, making your bed helps to reinforce the importance of life’s finer details.

Stretch Or Exercise


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Early exercise will help you start the day with more energy, focus, and optimism. Exercise or stretching could help you to relax, increase your flexibility, reduce lower back pain, and help to manage some other health conditions. Plus, after a morning workout, you’re more likely to eat healthily and say active throughout the day. By regular stretching, you are relaxing and lengthening your muscles which keep your back in better shape and improves your overall body posture.

Put Lively Music On


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Listening to music in the morning can benefit our overall well-being. It improves our mood by creating happiness and relaxation, improves memory, provides comfort, and eases pain. Putting on some music can be a great way to stimulate your mind and help you engage with the day in a healthy, mindful way. Integrating music can be an excellent way to invite the power of healing into your daily routine.

Drink Green Tea


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After having your healthy breakfast intake, it is time to boost your immune system with a delicious cup of hot beverage. Drinking tea is a great way to give your senses a jolt in the morning. That energy boost comes from their caffeine content, which is a natural stimulant, as well as loads of antioxidant content. Tea also contains an amino acid called L-theanine that has a soothing and relaxing effect on the mind.

Get Dressed And Ready (Women + Apply Makeup)


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Having a plan and morning routine that allows you to get ready really fast not long after jumping out of bed, will help you not to get stressed and rushing up first thing in the morning. Choosing what to wear the night before and putting all the items you need in your bag, setting an alarm, and getting sufficient sleep, will allow you to have plenty of time to dress up and apply makeup the next day.

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