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Pallet Beds: What You Need to Know


Beds have come in all assorted styles and sizes throughout the last decade. A bed will last for a long time, and it’s not something that people need to replace on a regular basis. However, this requires people to take care of it. In addition to this, if you do not get a superior quality bed, made of reliable materials, then you may find it does not last the amount of time that you expect. Nowadays a lot of people are moving towards pallet beds as these are decent quality and easy to erect. Here are some things you need to know about these beds.


The quality of the pallet bed really depends on the quality of the wood. If you are doing this yourself and you get pallets that are really old and used, there is a risk that these will not last long. If the pallets have been stored outside, you may have the problem that these have had many insects within them and have damaged them. As such, do not just rush into this. Make sure you know the history of the pallets and inspect the quality.

You can then purchase a cheap mattress to go on top of this at very reasonable prices. Check out the sizes on the website to fit perfectly. Often the idea is that there is a platform on either side of the mattress, almost like a platform bed. Rugs, for instance, are placed between the mattress and the pallet to protect the base of the mattress and, also, to style this extra gap not covered by the mattress.


One of the best things about a pallet bed is the price. They are unbelievably cheap, and that is why many people will do it on their own. If buying in a furniture store, you may even find that you are paying the company more money for the delivery as opposed to the price of the pallet. You can get pallets to make this yourself online from other companies as well, and there may be places in your local area that are looking to dispose of these, and they may even want to give you them for free for taking them off their hands if no longer used. Pallets will also fit in most medium to generous-size cars if you put the back seats back.


Creating the pallet bed is really simple, and those with the most basic D.I.Y skills can do this on their own. If there is a struggle here, though, you may want to get someone with more experience to help. Most people will actually paint these to make sure that not only they look a lot better, but there is a level of protection over the wood. This will help with its lifespan of this and help prevent some of the obvious damage on it that could occur.

The most important thing is reinforcement. There is a lot of full-body movement that goes on in beds, so it’s important that all your palettes are well-fixed together and sturdy enough to take at least one body’s weight.

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