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Top 10 Pastel Nail Art Ideas You Will Love

Nail polishing is one of the most fun things a girl can do. There are so many colors and so many designs to try! The list goes on forever. If you already have the needed equipment and enthusiasm to do so, but don’t know which designs to choose, check out our list. We prepared ten ideas that all present pastel colors.

The nail art is more minimalistic, but still it depends on you whether or not you are going to add a detail or another color. Choose your favorite and have fun while doing your nails!

1. Baby Pink



It has only four details, but it looks so amazing. Even though in this case it is nude pink color that is used, you can always go after your favorite color. It will certainly look good with the flowers as much as the pink does. If you are worried about the flower part, don’t – it’s really easy. Maybe not the first time, but the second one you will definitely get them right.

2. Pastel Blue Cupcake



Who said that cupcakes are only cute when edible? This nail art proves that cupcakes can look good on our nails as much as they do on the table. Choose your favorite colors, but we have to admit that blue works for this pretty well and get things going. The cupcake part is really easy, just do it very carefully and don’t freak out if you don’t do it right away.

3. Distressed Pastels



Distressed nail art looks like a real art. It may look to you like it’s something very difficult to do it yourself, but you will be surprised of how easy it is actually. You need nail polish in few colors, of which white is essential because the basis must be white. After polishing with white, when doing it with other colors, make sure there’s barely any paint left on the brush. Then, paint a bit your nails and that’s all you need to do.

4. Colorful Pastels



We can only describe this nail art as cuteness overload! Is it the colors, the polka dots or the cute animals, or even all three of them that make this nail art so adorable?! Anyway, if you find it hard to make your own bunny and baby duck, try something that is easier for you, or just skip this part. Your nails will be pretty just with the pastels and the dots only.

5. Mint and Mini Beads



Or should we say, the “caviar” look? Because these mini beads give away that impression! However, when combined with your favorite color (mint stole our hearts!) and used only on one nail, you can get a very nice look. The pastels make some balance between the color and the detail, while the beads with their micro size make the nails impressive even by only having one nail done with them.

6. Polka Dots Pastels



No matter if it’s pastels or bold colors we are talking about, polka dots look very cute any way possible! Especially in this case, baby blue and light yellow are a really good combination. Below the pastels there is a top coat nail polish, but if you prefer paint your nails whole or choose some other pastel, nude color option.

7. Lilac and Peach



Feeling lazy, but you still want your nails done? We feel you. This is probably the easiest nail art idea on the list and we definitely love it for all the reasons. Besides being very easy, it looks awesome. The colors are very beautiful and they go along very well. Of course, this is where you decide which color you want, and have fun while experimenting with them.

8. Watercolor Florals



This nail art idea is very, very elegant. The flowers that give away a watercolor impression really do their trick. But, you might be surprised – these flowers aren’t made with nail polish, but with tempera paint. Note that to have the same look, you will need to dilute the paint all the time. After applying a top coat you are going to love it even more for the shiny look as well.

9. Shades of Lilac



When one color is not enough, experiment with its’ shades. You are going to be surprised by the result and this nail art idea proves it. As you cans see, lilac is a very pretty color! Just pick two shades that you really like and separate them with a gold metallic line. It will stand out of the overall nail look, but that is just the type of detail we sometimes need!

10. Nude Pink and Golden Bow



Back to the nude pink, but this time with a bow. First of all paint your nails with the nude pink, and then with the help of a thin brush apply metallic copper in the form of a bow. It’s very simple, easy and elegant. This nail art is going to be very welcomed especially in the days when we feel so lazy, but still crave the perfect manicure.

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