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Top 10 Romantic Winter Getaways for Couples

One of the best ways to spend the holidays and the cold, winter days is to travel with someone with your beloved one. Trips are a great way to connect more with someone and see so many new things along the way. Traveling always offers us an experience, no matter good or bad, there’s a lot to learn and enjoy!

This article presents you with ten places from Europe, the USA, and Canada. These are big cities where you can find endless exhibitions, galleries, museums and nightlife and on the other side, smaller towns where you can enjoy the sound of silence and nature around. Which one suits you the best? Scroll along to see our ten recommendations!

1. Edinburgh, Scotland



Famous Scottish novelist Robert Louis Stevenson once said that “Edinburgh is what Paris ought to be.” Scotland’s capital has such architecture that will make you wander through the streets all the time and admire the grey and white buildings with the colorful shops and restaurants – add a  Christmas spirit to this, and Edinburgh can be one of the most romantic cities you’ve ever been to. While you’re there, make sure to visit the royal Holyroodhouse Palace, Arthur’s Seat, the Princes Street Gardens, and Saint Giles’ Cathedral.

2. Prague, the Czech Republic



One of the most visited capitals in Europe, Prague has so much to offer to every tourist coming into the city. There are so many things that make the capital of the Czech Republic so special, and one of them is being the river Vlatava flowing right through the heart of Prague. There are many bridges across the river, with Charles bridge being the oldest and most popular. Here you will find jazz musicians and artists, making the atmosphere oh-so-romantic! While in Prague, make sure to visit the 600-year-old Astronomical clock and St. Vitus Cathedral, the Vyšehrad castle, and the Lennon Wall.

3. Krakow, Poland



Krakow is the second-largest city in Poland and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. This charming city offers so much history to be seen – the Old Town Square has more historical objects in one area than any other city in the world! Krakow’s architecture will make you fall in love with the city, especially if the one you love is there with you too. To experience the best of what Krakow offers,  visit Wawel Castle, the Main square, Krakow Cloth Hall, and the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

4. Quebec City, Canada



Quebec City is the capital of the French-speaking province of Quebec in Canada. It is a very charming city no matter the year’s time, but we all know how magical things can get around New Year. Christmas lights and trees, snow, cute shops, and coffee bars, and it can’t get any romantic than this. While in Quebec City, check out the most photographed hotel in the world Château Frontenac, Citadelle du Quebec, the Montmorency Falls, the old and seriously charming neighborhood of Old Quebec, and if you happen to be in the city in February, you can enjoy the Winter Festival.

5. Woodstock, Vermont



Unlike the other cities that we have shown you so far, Woodstock is something really different. This small town doesn’t offer crazy nightlife or museums and galleries, but what you can find here as fascinating is the peaceful village life and being surrounded by nature. The architecture can give you some vibes as if you’re in Europe and not the USA. However, it is very charming, especially when the small houses are decorated with Christmas lights and ornaments.

6. Leavenworth, Washington


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Here’s another charming small town that proves that the USA is so much more than concrete jungle cities. This time we’re talking about Leavenworth, a small town in Washington whose town center was built as a Bavarian vil. That’sat’s why visiting the town will make you feel as if you’re visiting the Bavarian region in Germany! Visiting the town during winter will be a magical experience, with all the Christmas lights, small and cute Bavarian houses, and mountains all around.

7. Salzburg, Austria



The birthplace of one of the best composers of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is a wonderful city located in Austria. It is one of the most popular destinations in the country and the fourth-largest city after Vienna, Graz, and Linz. It will charm you with the Baroque architecture, and walking through the Old town will be a very nice experience – you will see why it is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. While in Salzburg, visit Hohensalburg Castle, the Mirabell Palace, Salzburg Residenz, and the Residenzplatz.

8. Aarhus, Denmark



When Denmark is the topic, everyone instantly thinks of the capital Copenhagen – and we totally understand that because the city is amazing! However, Denmark has other cities worth to be seen, and Aarhus is just one of them. It is the second-largest Danish city that can offer you the best of Denmark. No matter if you would visit the city with or without someone else but you, Aarhus will charm you with its typical Danish architecture. While you’re there, visit the Old Town, the Women’s museum, the Tivoli Garden, and the City Hall Park.

9. Belgrade, Serbia



A city that you don’t read about a lot but definitely worth the visit – the former capital of Yugoslavia and still Serbia’s capital, Belgrade offers an experience that you will only find at the Balkan. The city is famous for the nightlife, but if you’re interested in more tourist things, you should definitely visit Knez Mihailova Street, Kalemegdan and the Belgrade Fortress. What will also make you happy as a tourist is that Belgrade is the cheapest destination on this list!

10. Verona, Italy



Let’s be honest – which Italian city isn’t romantic? It was hard to pick just one of so many, but the Romeo&Juliette story helped us decide. The whole place, the food, the wine, the language, everything is so romantic! Spending at least a weekend in Verona is going to make you forget about everything else and enjoy the atmosphere – especially if you brought your beloved with you. Make sure to visit the House of Juliette, Piazza Bra, Piazza Delle Erbe, and Lake Garda.

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