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15 Stunning Beaches You Must See in South India

In south India, there is a huge coastal line with the Arabian Sea in the west and the Bay of Bengal in the east. It is dotted with beautiful beaches where you can soak up the sun, enjoy swimming, go fishing, snorkel, or just enjoy a picnic with the family. Many of these beaches were actually seaports in ancient times, so you might see some relics still around.

The coastal beaches of South India retain the features that are typical of the place where they exist. At some, you can see hills in the backdrop, while others have palm trees or perhaps an island or so before them. Reach any capital city in this region from your country through Air India and spend a week exploring its beaches. Here is a look at some beaches that are a must-visit:

  1. The lovely palm-fringed Kovalam Beach in Kerala is a must-see for its lovely waters, where you can swim but must be careful of the high tides. It’s also the best place for sunbathing, and its white sand beckons visitors to take a walk.
  1. If you are seeking a beach that offers the chance to play volleyball, swim, surf, parasailing, and go jet skiing, check out the famous Marari beach in Kerala. It is quite a secluded place where you can enjoy strolling along the beachside and also take up adventure sports.
  2. Set amidst dramatic rock sculptures belonging to the Pallava period is Tamil Nadu’s famous Mahabalipuram Beach. It’s a scenic place where you can take a lot of photos with lovely hills in the backdrop.
  3. On the majestic Alleppey Beach in Kerala, you can find palm-fringed areas that are perfect for photographing. It is known for its boat racing events, which attract quite a crowd. Its famous lighthouse and pier are popular tourist spots.
  1. When you step into Malpe Beach in Karnataka, what will amaze you are the pristine aquamarine blue waters where you can enjoy swimming and surfing. Just look a little beyond with binoculars, and you can see some small islands dotting about.
  2. Walk through the Promenade Beach in Pondicherry and take a step back in time as you pass by important monuments. It’s a rocky beach, so you can at best stroll on the sand but can’t get into the waters and enjoy it as on other beaches.
  3. The unique Varkala Beach in Kerala is a must-see for its unusual natural spring, which is known for curing illnesses. The picturesque sunset, along with kids playing close to the waters and people swimming close by, are typical scenes of this place.
  1. Kodi Beach is a quiet, serene place in an estuary formed when the Suvarna River meets the Arabian Sea in Udupi. Come here for a boat ride that takes you into a mangrove forest, and you can also enjoy seafood by the sunset in eateries on the beach sand.
  2. The lovely Paradise Beach, Puducherry, is quite picturesque with its clear blue waters, where you can do so many water sports activities. You do need to take a boat ride across the backwaters to reach it, but on the way, you can see lots of greenery, bird life, and ample opportunities for photography.
  3. Visit the Rishikonda beach in Visakhapatnam, which is known for its cleanliness, greenery, and serenity. It’s wonderful for swimming and is set against the backdrop of hills, so you can take lovely photos here. Set sail on a yacht; else, go for pony rides or perhaps spend time picnicking with a loved one.
  4. At Calangute Beach in Goa, you can find so many activities to do, like swimming, fishing, boat riding, diving, jet skiing, parasailing, etc. It’s quite an active place compared to quiet beaches elsewhere. Seafood restaurants, craft shops, and souvenir shops are abuzz with people in the evenings.
  5. The unusual feature of Om Beach in Gokarna is its shape, which is in the form of the symbol Om. The serenity of the beach will engulf you, and if you are looking for clear waters to swim in, this is the spot for it. It’s got many coves and is ideal for strolling, picnicking, and sunbathing.
  1. Take a stroll along the famous Marina Beach in Chennai, where you can see various monuments dedicated to various leaders. It has many small food stalls, play areas, kids stalls, etc., and is famous for being the second longest stretch of beach in the world. Its waters are ideal for swimming, fishing, and boating.
  2. At Kumta Beach, you can enjoy lovely sunsets, spend time in the water with kids, take in the beach air, or play some sports. It’s a lively beach full of people in the evenings and the best place to spend time for relaxation and getting away from hectic city life.
  1. If you’re looking for a serene beach environment for casual walks and spending some time off work, check out Ramakrishna Beach. The cool breeze that swamps this place, coupled with coconut trees, makes it wonderful for strolling and many water-based activities.

Visiting beaches during a vacation or on weekends is a way to get close to nature. In a bustling city, the beach is the place to relax with the kids; else, go to spend time in the waters playing volleyball, taking a boat ride, or perhaps swimming in the sea.

Time can just pass by watching the waves roll in. Reach any key location in south India through Air India and make a trip to beaches close to you. You will find every beach to give a unique experience, showing that there is some quality that sets it apart from others. The time spent at the beach can be very rejuvenating for your health as you breathe in fresh air. If you love water sports, then taking them up will give you lots of thrills and excitement. Weekends spent playing volleyball or strolling to the beach make way for a healthy lifestyle. 

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