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Top 10 Best Salmon Recipes

Whether you’ve tried it before or no, you must have at least heard about that precious, priceless, and delicious taste of salmon. Fish that has taken all over the world recently, and it’s super healthy. Rich in Omega 3 acids, it might be just what you need. Also, the good thing is that it is well combined with all kinds of veggies or even fruit salads, such as oranges.

Anyways, it is definitely considered as a fancy dish, but who doesn’t like fancy now and then? We all do. It is super easy to prepare at home, and it will be even sweeter for you, knowing you cooked everything by yourself.

Enjoy our suggestions on salmon recipes, and make sure you try all of them.

Easiest Salmon Recipe Ever



Easiest, we promise. All you need to do is buy fresh salmon and put spices like salt, pepper, chili, and curry—anything you like.

Steam some broccoli, and you have the healthiest meal ever. Let’s not even mention how delicious it is.

Cedar-Planked Salmon Recipe



You probably never even thought about combining this ingredient or maybe making it on your now. Well, it was never easier to do so. Delicious, filling, and you can add any garnish you like. We love it.

OLD BAY Baked Crusted Salmon Recipe



Seasoning mixture combined with salmon never sounded better. Extra flavor to this delicious fish and still no calories added. You can add rice or potatoes if you are super hungry today.

Avocado Lime Salmon Recipe



It is very important what you are adding when eating salmon. Yes, it goes with everything but still, you don’t want to do too many flavors and get confused. Avocado is a very good combination, it is not strong in flavor, but it’s delicious and very healthy. Add some lime instead of lemon; you’ll notice the difference.

Balsamic Maple Glazed Salmon Recipe



Mmm, can you imagine how good this tastes? We can because we tried it just today. Maple balsamic glaze is the best thing anyone came up with, and in this combination with salmon, you do not need anything else.

Baked Salmon With Garlic And Dijon



Everywhere you go, and they offer salmon, it is usually combined with dijon. And, for a reason. With some garlic in it, spread over the salmon, and then grilled, yes, it is the best dish your mouth will ever taste.

Simple Poached Salmon Recipe



For those who are new to salmon cuisine, this is the best choice for a start. It is good to get to know how salmon tastes like and then experiment with it. But hey, don’t get us wrong. Even if you have tried it many times, this is still a good one. We actually gladly eat it.

Endive With Smoked Salmon Recipe



As weird as it sounds, that’s how good it tastes. Combined with many other veggies and endives as well, this recipe will bring you to a whole new salmon cooking level. Have fun!

Simple And Tasty Salmon Recipe



Do you have any idea how oils taste different? Substituting olive oil with coconut one is what is gonna blow your mind in this simple recipe. You feel it slightly, and salmon never really sounded so good.

Asian Glazed Salmon Recipe



As you guessed, soy sauce and ginger are included and playing the main role in this recipe. They make the glaze just perfect, slightly or more reminding you of the perfect Asian cuisine but still sticking to your favorite one, salmon. Enjoy it.

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  1. Thank you for the alternative ways of making Salmon. I’ve never liked the appearance of this fish, but with these suggestions I will feel more inclined to eat Salmon.


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