Top 10 Flattering Hairstyles for Women Over 40

If you are over 40 and still wear your hair as you did in your 20s, then it is time for a change! With time, your face changes, and so does the quality (and quantity) of your hair. So it is natural that you need to update your hairstyle. Just a little change can make you … Read more

Top 10 Hairstyles To Fresh-Up Your Look

Top 10 Hairstyles To Fresh-Up Your Look | Top Inspired

Eager to make a change in your look? If you want to knock a story out off the front page, change your hairstyle, they say. So we rounded up the best hot new hairstyles, from super-short to shoulder-length to long, to give you all the inspiration you need for your next salon appointment. This year … Read more

Top 10 Tips For Coloring Your Hair At Home

Top 10 Tips For Coloring Your Hair At Home | Top Inspired

Dyeing your hair at home can actually be easy; you just need to know few things before you start coloring your hair. First of all, you need to provide yourself with the needed tools to choose the right shade. Suppose you want to cover only your grey, then it’s easy to choose the color. But, … Read more

Top 10 Ways To Get More Hair Volume

Are you bored with your hair because it is always laying flat like a board on your head? It is normal, because not every woman is born with perfect hair. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t have one. Fortunately, there are lots of tips and tricks on how to give more volume to thin, … Read more