Top 10 Beautiful Shimmery Makeup Ideas

Shimmery makeup is really fun to play with, so if you’re into experimenting with looks and colors, you are going to like this. Even if you’re not very good at applying makeup, trying few times will help you make it. As people say – practice makes it perfect! We picked simple, but yet very beautiful … Read more

Top 10 Best Christmas Makeup Ideas

What to wear, what hairstyle to choose and how tо do your makeup? As Christmas Eve is coming, these are three million dollar questions. But before you choose your makeup look, remember – the Christmas makeup must be different from your everyday makeup! Perhaps you already have decided what you’re going to wear, but what … Read more

Top 10 Breathtaking Smokey Eyes Tutorials

They say that the eyes are mirrors to the soul, so make sure your mirror looks the best! Smokey eye makeup is one of the best ways to make your eyes pop so everyone can notice them. Don’t hesitate about making your eyes a little more pointed out, if you do your makeup right, there … Read more