Top 10 Outfit Ideas with Jogger Pants

Joggers are the kind of pants you would like to wear every time you need to wear something so cozy and comfortable. There were days when wearing jogger pants wasn’t a trend, but today joggers can be seen so often on the street style. If you’re in doubt whether or not wearing jogger pants is … Read more

Top 10 Fall Fashion Inspiration for Plus Size Women

New season is coming and that always means refreshing our wardrobe with at least one piece of the latest trends and collections. Fashion has moved so forward in the past few years that you don’t need to look like model in order to fit those trendy, latest pieces in stores. Many women know that having … Read more

Top 10 Beautiful Shimmery Makeup Ideas

Shimmery makeup is really fun to play with, so if you’re into experimenting with looks and colors, you are going to like this. Even if you’re not very good at applying makeup, trying few times will help you make it. As people say – practice makes it perfect! We picked simple, but yet very beautiful … Read more

Top 10 Cute Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

Top 10 Cute Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair | Top Inspired

Let’s face it: Going out with a nice hairstyle can really boost our confidence and make our day! There is really something special in leaving our home with hair so shiny and good looking. For some, that means leaving our hair as it is, long, short or whatever the size, and for some, it means … Read more

Top 10 Fashion Tips for Petite Women

TOP 10 Fashion Tips for Petite Women | Top Inspired

There are some things that we simply cannot change, no matter how much we might want to. Our height, for example. Being 5′ 4” (162 cm) tall, or as the fashion industry’s guidelines considers it – petite, may feel like a serious impediment to your style. Despite the evolution of fashion, it seems like petites still … Read more

TOP 10 Tips On How To Wear Crop Tops for Every Body Type

TOP 10 Tips On How To Wear Crop Tops for Every Body Type | Top Inspired

Crop tops are great in theory, but not always so easy to incorporate into your daily life. We don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that crop tops are probably the most anxiety-inducing summer wardrobe piece. Although they’re very trendy, many women have an undeniable hesitation that they just won’t work for her body type. But no worries – … Read more

Top 10 Things That Make You a Real Lady

Top 10 Things That Make You a Real Lady | Top Inspired

Being a lady is a tough task to conquer. Only being female doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a lady. There is a process for a woman to become a lady which requires a great deal of time and resources. Although the term ‘lady’ may seem a little outdated, there are some things that every … Read more

Top 10 Photos of how will the Americans look like in 2050

Top 10 Photos of how will the Americans look like in 2050 | Top Inspired

As an example, the United States of America is made of 328 Million people making it the third-largest country on Earth and growing. The US is made of highly complex mixes of nationalities coming from every corner of the world. And this makes America we know today. The States has never been a one people … Read more

Top 10 Makeup Tips That Make You Look Younger

Everyone is aware of the fact that the magical fountain of youth that will make you look younger is just a myth. That’s why every woman is trying to hide her middle-age symptoms, like lines or wrinkles and there is no such beauty treatment, anti-age product, which can’t give you some results in a really … Read more

Top 10 Best Christmas Makeup Ideas

What to wear, what hairstyle to choose and how tо do your makeup? As Christmas Eve is coming, these are three million dollar questions. But before you choose your makeup look, remember – the Christmas makeup must be different from your everyday makeup! Perhaps you already have decided what you’re going to wear, but what … Read more