Having a garden can be really though, especially when you want the best for it. Pretty flowers, charming pathways and creative projects here and there, it really requires some work.

In this article we discuss which plants are good climbers. All of them are really special and not only they can give an instant boost to your garden, they can also cover old fences or walls.

With spring in its bloom, this is the time when the climbers give the best of them – blooming flowers in white, pink, blue and other colors. You may already heard of or even planted some of these, and if not – definitely pick the one that is the most beautiful to you and check out when you can plant it.

1. Pyracantha

Top 10 Beautiful Climbing Plants for Fences and Wallsvia

The Pyracantha is also known as firethorn and can be grown as a single plant or you can train it to grow against wall or fence.

If you prefer the second option, in that case plant it at minimum of 50 cm from the wall or the fence, in order to avoid dry area. Add well – rotted organic matter and balanced general purpose fertilizer to the soil where you plant it.

Pyracantha requires regular watering in the first few years after the planting, but after that you will have to water it occasionally. When pruning, make sure to wear gloves because the Pyracantha grows long and sharp thorns.