Top 10 Breathtaking Peacock Inspired Looks and DIY Projects

The colors of the peacock feather are magical and so inspirational. There are endless possibilities to use the peacock feathers or make some inspired looks like makeup, nail art, hair color. It has been tough choice, but we have selected the top 10 inspirational looks and DIY projects just for you!
The nature has made its art with the colors and shapes of the feathers of the peacock, and ours is to use that gift the best we can. Enjoy our choice, get some feathers and get busy with this super fun and inspiring do it yourself projects!

Vivid Peacock Makeup Look



Create this vivid makeup inspired by the peacock feather colors, you will be needing light blue, navy and a little yellow eyeshadow, black eyeliner and mascara.

DIY Earrings



Amazing DIY earrings, that you can make easily with only beads, scissors, crimps, earring hooks and feathers. There is no big effort and the result is dazzling.

DIY Mirror Decoration




Decorate your wall mirror with peacock feathers, glue them on the back of the mirror and then attach it on it usual place. From one boring mirror you can get this unusual and beautiful wall decoration.

DIY Hairclip



Attach three feathers on a leather cord, and then the leather cords on one clip. And there you have this amazing hair accessory.

Peacock Hairstyle



This peacock inspired bob looks amazing, but you can wear it on every hairstyle you have, no matter if you have long or short hair, if you are looking for something refreshing and bold for your hair – this is it!

Shoe Clips



If you want to give a life to your ordinary shoes, make this simple clips with two peacock feathers. The suggestion on the photo is to put them on the front of the shoe, but if you think they will look better on some other place – it is all up to you!

Smokey Peacock Makeup



This is a little more daring makeup look that you can wear for night out, spice up your smokey eyes with this idea. Put blue eyeliner on the lower lash line and spice it up with blue mascara. The upper lash line consists of yellow shimmery shadow, a little green in the middle, and black on the outer corner. Finish the look with mascara or false lashes.

DIY Necklace



Fancy DIY necklace that you can wear in every occasion.

Peacock Nail Art



This nail art is wonderful, the color that has been chosen for this look is turquoise, but you can choose the one that you like the most. With a thin brush and black nail polish draw one line in the middle, and little lines from the sides. Decorate with gold shimmer and for the peacock mark use the same turquoise color and a darker blue for the last dot.

DIY Phone Case Decoration




This days everybody is wearing a phone case, but if you want to be a little different from the others then this is the thing for you. No effort at all, but with putting a real peacock feather in your transparent phone case you will get this amazing look.

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