Top 10 Creative Ideas to Give Money as a Gift

There must be people in your life that you find extremely difficult to shop for or who could use cash more than any other gift. With Christmas just a few days away, there will be a lot of gift giving going on, so if you just find yourself without any good ideas or if you are a last-minute shopper, giving money may be an easy way out, so make it a little bit more personal and show that you’ve put some effort into it, by having a more creative way to store it than just sticking it in an envelope or a plain box. Everyone likes getting money, so if this is your last resort, make giving the gift of money more fun with these ideas that we thought are amazing!

Graduation Gift Box

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Money Tree

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Money Greeting Card

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Money Wreath

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Girlie Bouquet

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Special Balloons

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Pull Out Box

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Money Bouquet

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Money Origami Star

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A Card That Holds Money

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  • Craft stores sell mugs and cups that you can pull the inside of the mug or cup and attach a design to the inner cup and then insert the design cup or mug bag into the clear outside of that cup or mug. You can usually purchase these for under a dollar. Instead of coloring a design included with the mug or cup, I wrapped the mug with money and inserted back into the clear cup or mug holder. When finished your cup or mug is a perfect way to give money in a creative way. If you want your recipient of your gift to think you have gone off the deep end , place your designed cup or mug back into the original box and wrap it as a gift, this is really funny especially when you are giving to a older teenager.

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