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Top 10 Jar Craft ideas

Nowadays, we do not have the necessity to buy glass jars as much as before, as so many kinds of food come in them anyway; for the higher quality products. And the thing is, what to do with the empty jars once done with the product inside them?

Ok, so we can make them part of the kitchen and hold spices and others similar. But eventually, we might have more to come.

We believe in recycling, a little every so often at least, which does more good than bad and contributes to saving the planet, and these are going to show you 10 great ways to recycle and give a simple jar a second life and enjoy the simple art crafts in the process.

DIY Neon Macrame Jar



A neon cord is also known as the nautical cord used onboard ships and smaller boats. So, if you’re in a nautical mood, and have a small collection of jars awaiting your attention, these are fabulous for spicing up your craft storage. Own a small home near the beach and wish to give it that well-deserved beachfront look then also brilliant ideas to include this as part of your spare time entertainment. They fit on most surfaces, ranging from a work desk to the spare room where your arts and crafts pens, brushes, etc could fit in it neatly looking great.

DIY Summer Snow Globes


If you remember your childhood, you have got to remember these super holiday memorabilia! And chances are, if you were lucky, you even got to take one or two home with you. If you have children now, then once again, chances you are recreating your youth! These are super and will entertain the kids for a couple of hours wishing to do so many more. If you blink, you might see that eventually your home will be filled with these! Amusingly simple to do and perfect for an art and craft lesson with the little ones keeping them away from the IPad!

Jar Lamp DIY


Wish to give your beautiful room a slight makeover without having to go too deep in your pockets? Wish to dress up those side bed tables a little and get rid of the somewhat uninspiring existing table lamps? The below example explains how to use these for sturdy tables, but you could also have the same principle for putting them up above you, as part of your ceiling feature replacing a box standard light lamp creating a more personalized atmosphere screaming, “I’ve just done this beauty”?

Glittered Candle Holder


There is nothing simpler, nor more eye-catching than creating your own candle holders for those super-cheap yet very effective tea light candles. And for not a lot of money either. A super way to enjoy your home a lot more in the evening with the absence of unnatural, artificial lights. Also, giving out more romance to the overall feel of the living area.

Beach Inspired Mason Jar Craft



Whether you are living on the beach, by the beach, or nowhere near the beach, these are terrific little things that will add so much marine attribute to perhaps a theme room or home you are trying to achieve. And as we know, it is all in the details and not only in the big project. Lots of small things will contribute to the bigger picture so get motivated, upcycle these great glass jars and have fun with them. Once done, close your eyes, put a little sea waves music on, and momentarily immerse yourself in a Feng Shui-style environment making you feel at ease.

Chicken Wire Sleeves For Mason Jars



We believe that everything can be recycled. Within reasons of course. And you would be amazed at exactly what can. And perhaps, almost everyday things that you threw away in the bin without thinking twice about their true potential. Sounds over the top. But still, the principle is, with a little imagination and nature-saving ideas we can do great things. And this is one crazy good idea. Check it out. Perfect for the cutlery to enhance the kitchen’s school rural look.

Easy Mason Jar Craft



It is all in the name. This is indeed super easy to do and beyond money-saving. This is perfect for all the flowers you will receive from your man (no pressure for him). Include dried flowers too they work even better creating a rustic home look for perhaps your veranda or for the outdoors. The color of the flowers will pop up even more.

Felt Heart And Twine Mason Jar Craft Vase



Valentine’s Day is manmade. However, the principle stays true to its roots though one has to admit it. It is to never forget about your loved ones without taking them for granted. This goes for all sexes. Not just the cliche man-to-woman stuff. The man also likes a little romantic treat. This craft is a lovely detail that will make your partner love you even more. Especially with fresh flowers inside…

DIY: Candy Heart Jars


If you are a romantic fool and love everything about romance then good for you. Never change! Regardless, man or woman. We need more people like you in the world! But what if your other half has a terrible sweet tooth as well as love for affection? Well then, we are sorry but there is little better than this jar craft! Both of you will be able to enjoy a movie and enjoy the heart-shaped little treats while you’re at it while having a hug and a cuddle.

Mason Jar Soap or Lotion Dispenser


These jars are perfect for both your kitchen and your bathroom. Or anywhere you fancy really that could have the use of these jars with lotion in them. A great recycling project maximizing everything out of every product. You could even paint them if you wish with water-protected paint, or simply leave them as they are in their natural self. If natural, you may think of colored lotion and hand liquid soap for the added splash.

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