Top 10 Most Astonishing Rustic Houses In The World

If you love the alternative tourism this is the right article for you! Only these type of people can feel the excitement of visiting a rural place, one that has stopped in the past time. The sight of an old authentic house awakens our fantasy of what life had been like back then, when there were no modern appliances, no washing machines, no fridges and not even electricity! In the next 10 photos you can see exactly what am I talking about. These astonishing rustic houses are located in the USA, England, Germany, Scotland and France. Which of them do you find most astonishing?

Boat House

boat-housePhoto by Geir Drablos

Cornwall, England

Cornwall-EnglandPhoto credit to

Old Mill, Blackforest, Germany

germanyPhoto credit to

Mountain Village In France

mountain-village-francePhoto credit to

Perthshire, Scotland

Perthshire-ScotlandPhoto credit to

Port Isaac, England

Port-IsaacPhoto by Scott Keegan


ShelterPhoto by Jonathan Yates

Staffordshire, England

Staffordshire-EnglandPhoto credit to

Wood Cabin In Yoho National Park

wood-cabinPhoto credit to


socksPhoto credit to

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