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Top 10 Most Astonishing Rustic Houses In The World

If you love alternative tourism this is the right article for you! Only these types of people can feel the excitement of visiting a rural place, one that has stopped in the past time.

The sight of an old authentic house awakens our fantasy of what life had been like back then when there were no modern appliances, no washing machines, no fridges, and not even electricity! In the next 10 photos, you can see exactly that.

These astonishing rustic houses are located in the USA, UK, Germany, Scotland, France, Tasmania, and Canada. Which of them do you find most astonishing?

Boat House, France


Photo by Geir Drablos

France as a rule of thumb has many rustic houses, thousands of them still going strong keeping up with the time and with its original identity. And they are not dying away. This is one of the many reasons why so many expats and locals alike enjoy the idea of retiring in such a special place on the world map. Or, for those wishing peace and serenity – away from the crowd and the busy lifestyle and to thereafter being at peace with nature. Just look at this location! Imagine a few days’ retreats with any technology, meaning no smartphones.

Cornwall, England


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Cornwall is one of the most known places within the United Kingdom by most of the British people. Almost everyone, being local from the UK, has spent their holidays there at least once. It is to go to places with the family. And imagine owning a home in a truly picture-perfect area. Minus the rainy days, this is a really special place and a really special looking home to cater for the adventurous. It’s cloudy, which adds to the profound character.

Old Mill, Blackforest, Germany


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The Black Forest is a mountainous region in southwest Germany that is neighbors and bordering France. Known for its dense, evergreen forests and picturesque villages, one can find some of the most rustic and remote houses, shack-like homes only one has seen in bedtime storybooks. A magical place that can awaken anyone’s imagination. Imagine storytelling to all the family or your friends, alongside a wood fire, and picture the smell and the overall environment for a second. Mystical, magical, fascinating, peaceful. Bliss.

Mountain Village In France


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Chamonix, Mont Blanc. We could almost leave it right here as itself explains to you, snow and mountain lovers. It borders Italy and Switzerland set a thousand meters above sea level. An incredible destination with beautiful chalet-like houses hidden away from the crowds within the Alps. It is world known and every country would come during the season and even offseason to this wonder of the world. And still, it feels untouched and unspoiled by man. And this is a rare thing indeed. Owning your very own house will set you back, but what you get is next to none.

Perthshire, Scotland


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One of the wettest places on Earth! This is why you might have always seen pictures of Scotland being so green. It is after all for a good reason! However, when a little sunshine peeks from the clouds, one of the best places on the planet to be. And this house, by the water, within miles and miles of greenery surrounding you; almost nature’s way to reward you for being a great human and inviting you in one of the most peaceful and incredible areas. Living there is for nature lovers at peace with life without owning anything to anyone, or without something to show. Like, been there done that kind of attitude. Beautiful.

Port Isaac, England


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North of Cornwall lies a superb small fishing village overlooking the Atlantic. It has iconic small sandy beaches and really superb little sheltered coves all over the region. For the lucky homeowners of this rustic part of the United Kingdom, what a life. Stunningly beautiful houses all very rustic in keeping with their surroundings. A true rural area living like if you were in the 17th century all over again. And beyond!

Shelter Away From The Crowd, Lake O’Hara, Canada


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In Yoho National Park lies a sumptuous piece of paradise where the very few lucky homeowners can enjoy a retreat next to none. It is set in British Columbia, set on the western side of the Great Divide with the province of Alberta and Banff National Park to the east. You wake up in the morning front facing the lake and having the mountain range in the back. Sit back and enjoy – get to the outdoors, get an ax, cut some wood, make a fire, eat, drink and repeat.

Staffordshire, England


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Set in the heart of the West Midlands, Staffordshire is home to breathtaking sceneries only 25 kilometers away from the second biggest city of England, Birmingham. It is famously home to superb housing estates for the few of the most discerned. This house is one of the rare few, being carved within the cliff away from civilization. It is somewhat different to what can be usually found there, with big mentions like, multi-million dollars housing. This is back to basics, exuding charm and sheer beauty.

Thatched Roof, Rustic House, Germany


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The Germans certainly know how to do rural no matter how much the country is up and running with new everything; especially after the rebuilding of most cities after World War II. However, the countryside, the rural areas are totally untouched and bathes in natural beauty. A lot of National Parks and forest areas are very well preserved with some of the most fascinating houses in the county. Away from the crowd, this rustic home truly is magnificent.

Wooden Shack By The Sea, Tasmania


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The Island State of Australia is without words. It is very hard to describe what could be taken as perfection. Those having their roof over their heads in this part of the world are very fortunate indeed! Good for them! It has one of the cleanest air in the world, so just imagine having your very own piece of paradise by the beach, being awakened every morning by the sunrise. You could right? So can we! The house is as rustic as it gets, and then again one would not need any more than this. Perfect.

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