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Top 10 Most Zen Places That Will Relax Your Mind

Given our fast-paced lifestyle that causes so much stress, we all get to a point when all we need is to break away from everything and go to some relaxing place to rest our bodies and minds.

How often does this happen to you? Quite frequent, I’d assume.  Being in a ‘zen’ mood doesn’t always require solid Buddhist skills. The places I have chosen for you in the photos below will definitely chill you out, at least for a while. Enjoy!

Beira Litoral, Portugal


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From salt pans and unspoiled Atlantic beaches to castles, lush forests and this is one of Portugal’s most important ancient sites. Beira Litoral is rich in natural beauty and historical interest. The region’s main gateway is the spirited university town of Coimbra, while to the north Aveiro charms with its pretty canals similar to the ones of Venice. On the western coast, Figueira da Foz is a favorite summer resort, renowned for its huge beach and top surfing. A relaxed walk along with the magnificent Litoral anyone?

Hammock On The Dock


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A hammock in the garden, one in between trees in a national park, or perhaps one over the seawater in the dreamiest of destination? We believe they all have their fair share of wonder. However one cannot deny that lying on one from the dock of your own sea home is pretty incredible. What better way to relax and empty your mind than being surrounded by nature, sea breeze, the sounds of seagulls flying above you having a double sense of freedom. You open your eyes, realize that this isn’t a dream, and simply carry on that one day of “people detox”.

 Bridge To Infinity, Carrasqueira, Portugal


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To some people, this could look like a broken-down bridge that is inevitably unsafe and frankly uninspiring, left to rot and crumble on its own. To a different kind of people, this is a bridge that inspires the continuity and longevity of life. They ask themselves, where could this lead to? What are its destiny and what destiny awaiting the wait practicing the long and narrow walk to the end? Is it our life path designed for us individually? It has so many strong spiritual meanings. Not knowing if the next footsteps will meet a weak plank of wood that is about to break…

Cherry Blossom Bridge – Portland, Oregon


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Having the cherry blossom descending upon us traveling over the water from the sturdy wooden bridge underestimates the profound beauty and its purpose. Things in life do not need to be complex and hard work, and this describes this exactly and perfectly well. It is the simple beauty that for a split moment, you feel at ease, free from thoughts and negativity overall. You can feel and almost taste the freedom and peacefulness of the area over the bridge.

Cinque Terre, Italy


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One of the most colorful places on earth having some of the most fascinating house facades on the planet. No rules and regulations here, such as the way life ought to be. Simply looking at the village from high above makes you deep in thoughts and liberates you from all of the complications in your life, present, or past. For a moment, you are at peace with yourself because you are way too busy to admire the sheer simple beauty of the different arrays of colors. And not forgetting that each and individual colors have meanings behind them. Naturally, you would be affected by all, which will give you something different.

Celestial Ripples


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This is only mother nature’s interpretation of her painting skills, only using the natural beauty she created in and around. Magical! One can stare at the skies for hours on end thinking they were minutes. We believe this could be one of the utmost relaxing moments of your life. What could be more peaceful? Imagine being alone, and having this sky just for yourself. Thinking at this very moment that you are special. And better believe it, you are! And therefore deserve a little treat such as the wavy ripples in the skies.

Home In The Water


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This is the new meaning of walking on water. The journey may only take a few minutes from the start of the water footpath to your home but seems to last an infinite amount of time when you are amongst it. Such as life really. It only happens in a split second when you come towards the end of it. But when you are deep within it seems like lasting a lifetime. It almost seems to have been designed in someone’s mind to recreate it for us mortals to see it and experience it. What is more peaceful?



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We all lust for something. It could range from hiking the snowy mountain tops to dreamy walks on the beach, alone reflecting on life for just a moment. Although, feet in the warm sand, perhaps waiting to catch a glimpse of the sunset, feet in the water having the waves caressing you remind you it’s always here for you. All you can hear while walking the mile is the sound of your own thoughts orchestrated by the sound of the waves hitting slowly the rocks within it.

Wooden Bridge Houses


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We all have a sense of purpose in life, take note. It is up to you to figure out which it is and no one else’s thoughts but only your own creation. They vary from person to person but we all have and enjoy achievements which can be from waking up on time, having cereal, brushing teeth, and arriving ten minutes early to work. Well, the bridge leading from one side of the house to the next focuses on that perfectly so. In short, the deep inside meaning meant that you have achieved something good, and will lead you to have positivity throughout your day.



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One of the most beautiful, fascinating places on Earth. And absolutely and utterly perfect to find oneself again and spend quality time away from the busy day-to-day lifestyle and obligation. Thailand is where one can really relax and be at ease and in contact with nature again, with the many islands and the many rainforests within it. You can recharge batteries and breath in the fresh air you were long longing for having spent the better half of the year in a busy city. The country offers many possibilities of relaxation from endless massages, to a hike in nature to a peaceful time by the sea.

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  1. Bridge to infinity is my top favorit of these stunning images! Title and photograph show a beautiful story. The mist in the background absorbing all destiny of this broken bridge in to infinity…Magic!

  2. Hammock on the dock is my favorite. It looks so very relaxing and serene – a place to let all worries go. Cinque Terre is my runner up, just because what determination and ingenuity to build so much in such a small area.

  3. I’m pretty sure that’s my mom on the cherry blossom bridge picture! She loves to sit and read in that very spot.. I think that’s our chair in her hand.


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