Whether you’ve tried it before, or no, you must have at least heard about that precious, priceless and delicious taste of salmon. Fish that has taken all over the world recently and it’s super super healthy. Rich in Omega 3 acids, it might be just what you need. Also, a good thing is that it is well combined with all kinds of veggies or even fruit salads, such as oranges.

Anyways, it is definitely considered as a fancy dish but who doesn’t like fancy now and then? We all do. It is super easy to prepare at home and it will be even sweeter to you, knowing you cooked everything by yourself.

Enjoy our suggestions on salmon recipes and make sure you try all of them.

Easiest Salmon Recipe Ever



Easiest, we promise. All you need to do is buy fresh salmon, put spices that you like such as salt, pepper, chili, curry. Anything you like.

Steam some broccoli and you have the healthiest meal ever. Let’s not even mention how delicious it is.