Top 10 Smart Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen

The kitchen can become a real mess in really short time. This is one of the reasons why every housewife and every women who spend a lot of time in the kitchen dreams about perfect organization at this place. Today, when busy lives call for easy and practical solutions there are so many tips and ideas for better organized kitchen. We have collected 10 smartest space-saving tricks which will definitely make your kitchen better place. Happy organizing!

Slide-Out Cutting Board on Wheels

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Refrigerator with the Appearance of an Antique Cupboard

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Sheet Pan with Vertical Pull Out

54a0f859d4d584c2a72e7949dbf49c13Tutorial via

Kitchen Drawer with Integrated Wine Rack

db0a55f32727079138b95e379ac42188Tutorial via

Cutting Board in a Drawer, over the Trash Can

de1c77450682d7df51aee43a777e9408Tutorial via

Well Organized Dish Storage

6ac37dccd746aa6613b5d56554fd36dcTutorial via Erin Trimber

Coffee Cubby

81ec55202babad2dcc6d3e36d6835f85Tutorial via

Vertical Wall Kitchen Storage

326ff99974aead4ee3dca3b7f881efe2Tutorial via jelena maksimovic

Small Cleaning Closet

a8f7cf3abfc3055ce12ee1f22f4786d2Tutorial via Hannah Morris

Cabinet Door Storage

21b9c873faa498ba07cd852be85ed2c9Tutorial via

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7 Responses

  1. I like the vertical wall storage between the 2 rooms, but it is much wider than a normal door, Where can I find more information?

    1. We love it also, but it seems that something happen to the blog from which we get the project. Too bad right? Maybe the other ideas and projects will do work … Have a nice day

  2. Author – you must be kidding me with that “every housewife” sexist intro…as if only women care about the kitchen in the home. Tacky.

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