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Top 5 Ways to Look Amazing in Prom Dress

Looking stunning on prom night can be a challenge. Many girls, especially those not very fashion-inclined, find getting ready for this big night very difficult and stressful. You don’t want to wear something that looks outdated or makes you blend with the rest of the crowd. So what should you do? We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you look fabulous at your high school prom:


Find a Perfect Dress

There’s more to it than just buying any dress that fits well and suits your figure type! You need to look out for what kind of style would suit you best and try on several dresses until you find one that is flattering, glamorous, and elegant. Enlist your friends or mom to help you with this because their unbiased opinion will be of great help. Once you’ve tried on many dresses, decide which is the best fit for you by considering factors like price, design, fabric, length, and how it makes you look. Ombreprom offers a range of elegant and chic dresses that you will love.

Opt for a Daring Color

Black is boring! And it does nothing for your figure either, so why would you want to wear it? A prom is not about looking great in a classic dress but experimenting with fashion and wearing something out of the ordinary or trending. Pick a bright, beautiful color that flatters your skin tone and gives you a great glow. This will instantly make you stand out from the crowd and turn all eyes on you as soon as you enter the room. Daring colors can be anything: neon yellow, green, purple, red, and so on. Just make sure to choose a color that you feel comfortable in, and this way, you will not feel self-conscious about it.

Get the Best Hairstyle

Your hairstyle is as important as the dress itself! It needs to match your clothes and makeup-wise should complete what you’re wearing. If you want some inspiration for prom hairstyles, then check Pinterest or Instagram. Follow some of those fabulous hair ideas and try it out on yourself at home first with some clip-in hair extensions (so much easier than using curling irons). Try braids, fishtails, and updos. Even more daring girls can opt for pink or blue hair colors to match their prom dresses.

Draw Attention to Your Eyes

Prom is not only about the dress itself but also about your eyes and face, including all aspects like skin, lips, cheekbones, eyebrows, and lashes. Here’s what you can do:

  • Wear a great shade of eyeshadow that makes your eyes pop;
  • Try eyelash extensions
  • Get a good eyebrow shape (if need be)
  • Use red or pink lipstick
  • Highlight your cheekbones with contouring makeup
  • Find flattering false lashes¬†

Spoil Your Feet with Shoes That Look Amazing on You

Heels are usually part of prom outfits, but if you feel uncomfortable in them, then just opt for some fabulous flats instead. Flats are more comfortable, and they look great on any dress, whether it’s made of satin or lace, mesh or beads. Just get the best pair of shoes that’ll match your outfit, preference-wise. For example, if you have a beautiful red prom dress with sparkling beading on its neckline, then choose some black heels to go with it, while if you’re wearing an elegant floor-length gown, then maybe some classy gold sandals would be the best?¬†


Fabulous prom dresses, hairstyles, and shoes will make you look stunning and your night unforgettable. The most important thing is to enjoy it because this is one of the rare occasions you get dressed up in a sophisticated way. So why not do it properly?

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