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Top 6 Wholesome Breakfast Ideas To Shake Up Your Morning Routine!

It’s easily possible to trap into a morning rut when adjusting in a workout routine or simply getting up and not having to rush to work is the goal.

Certainly, making a nutritious meal is simple, but when you need something more substantial, a protein drink may not be enough. Plus, after working up your sweat, eating healthy may not be the only thing we need to check off our morning to-do list. Our body requires food that does not only invigorate us for a day, but also be easy and fast enough yet to keep our weeks moving.

1. Flavored Easy-to-prepare Porridge


Start your day off right and give your body the fuel that it needs with a MuscleFood apple & raspberry porridge pot.

High in protein and fibre and suitable for vegetarians, this perfect little pot will have you powering through until lunchtime and is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth too!

This dish is high in protein, as well as fibers and low in carbs, which is great, no? Now, you can also get MuscleFood High Protein Apple Raspberry Porridge Pot and get your hands off from difficult and mind consuming breakfast recipes and grab on to more such healthy meals at up to 20% off. 

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2. Baked Protein Oats


This could be the most popular breakfast trend of 2021. You will probably paused your social media scrolling if one of these baked protein oats overflowing with deliciousness as well as goodness straight from the oven appears, or you’ve marvelled at how food bloggers push their limits to turn drab oatmeal into a nutritious and luscious dessert alternative. There’s a baking protein option for every oat lover out there, whether it’s gloopy chocolate cooked oats, Biscoff inspired, or blueberry lemons. With a vast range of Gousto Menu option, you can pick and choose your favorite with the healthy dishes to compliment your well-being. 

Even better, scientific evidence suggests that oats are a good choice for people on weight-loss programmes, with one study finding that oats boosted feelings of satiety, resulting in fewer calories taken throughout the day! 

3.  Stuffed Baked Avocado


Consider a new take on stuffed cayenne peppers or baked onions. This brekkie-friendly recipe utilises half an avocado in the peel as the base. Fill the cavity with a slightly whisked eggs, then bake until the embryo is done through. This combination of protein, good fats, and fibre will make you feel full until noon – no mid-morning sugar rush!

Get mouth-watering and tempting and healthy food reviews from Fitneass. However, to save more bucks while having a healthy lifestyle every day, you can have great options such as pre-cut the green veg with scrumptious toppings the night before, and store some other half of the avo for next day by keeping in a sealed jar with the onions to avoid browned.

4. Breakfast Tortilla


Once again, the mixer is your buddy when it comes to making the daily sprint simpler. As a basis, add your eggs, along with your veggies such as capsicum, ginger, greens, and seasoning. When pouring onto a heated pan, top with a whole grain tortillas and a little cheese sprinkling.

5. Meat-Free Cheeseburger Pizza

This meatless flatbread sandwich pizza  is a terrific meat-free solution that still delivers a load in terms of taste.

A rye bread foundation is topped with spicy scallops, onion, and gherkins. This protein rich pizza, topped with burger sauce dressings, is ideal for a mid-week lunch or a saturday treat. You can also visit to MindfulChef healthier recipes to discover more such like these and avail at £10 off your 1st and 2nd box. 


6. Levi Roots Veggie Pot 


Levi Roots Caribbean-inspired with flavored grains and grilled chicken soy chunks. This dish is also not tasty, but it also counts as one of your five a day, is full of protein, and is low in carbs. 

7. Meat Free Bean & Potato Pot


This Meatless Bean and Potatoes Pot Dish is ideal for just a quick and substantial vegetarian brunch.

To construct the ultimate supper, we combined meat soy sausage, roasted or beaked beans, and potatoes dipped in sauce that are pre-marinated in cherry tomatoes and spinach juice. 

This is an excellent option for a healthy breakfast!  Simply heat in the microwaves and serve. You requested a vegan brunch, and we delivered!

8. Curried Noodles with Meat-Free Chicken Pot 


Sweet potato, crisp yellow and red bell peppers, and seasoned soya chunks in a delightful spicy seasoned and full of flavors tomato sauce with noodles.

This dish is the perfect which was made before meal for lunch or dinner; simply microwave and serve! We hope you can take the heat!

9. Green Smootie Bowl


We appreciate how easy this dish is healthy and easy for mornings like these when time keeps getting away from all of us. Plus, the juicy mangoes and perfectly ripe bananas will hide the green/grassy flavor, making you think you’re eating your greens. Sure, if there were enough time in a day, you might try preparing homemade oats to add on top, but you’d rather maximize your time to get in a daily yoga practice. To convert on the move, grab your blending cup, lid, and some more waters or coconut cream to make it more fluid.

For the no-bake option, our Spicy Vegetable Frittata makes for a delicious, high protein breakfast. Packed with plenty of vegetables, taco spices and feta cheese, you can say goodbye to boring breakfasts for good!

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