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Top Beginner-Friendly Ski Resorts In France You Should Visit This Winter

December is finally here and it’s officially Christmas. These holidays are the best time of the year for visiting some of the most wonderful winter destinations around the world. It’s actually a wonderful season as everything around looks even more magical and festive. France would be an excellent destination to visit this winter.

Another thing that makes France a famous destination for the winter season, is the amazing and iconic ski resorts. As you probably already know, skiing is one of the most famous winter sports, and it’s one of the few sports which take place outside, to beautiful landscapes close to the most natural beauties.

In case you have never tried skiing before, this is your sign to book your tickets to a ski resort in France in order to try a new and exciting activity this winter. Don’t be afraid of falling down, or being embarrassed because these things are totally normal especially if it’s your first time.


Read below and discover the most amazing ski resorts in France, that are perfect for beginners.

1. Val Thorens, France

The first beautiful ski resort in France which is beginner friendly is Val Thorens, which is actually one of the most famous destinations around the French Alps. In this ski resort, there are many zones that are tailor-made for beginners and are also very wide open in order to make you feel very safe. Therefore, if you are interested in learning how to ski, Val Thorens might be the right place to visit this winter. Furthermore, many people around the world choose this resort for their ski break, so it would be good to book your accommodation early. So, you can take a look at  Erna Low in order to find the best accommodation option according to your own needs and your budget.

2. Courchevel

Moreover, Courchevel is another beautiful beginner-friendly destination that you should visit this winter in France. This place is actually one of the most popular ski resorts in the whole world, as it provides opportunities for every ski level, from beginners to intermediates and professional skiers. This place is one of the biggest ski resorts in Europe and so it hosts many different pistes, so you will be able to find the one that you will feel comfortable and safe at, in order to practice your skills. Also, in this place, you will have the opportunity to attend many events that are arranged around the resort, and it’s a must to have a meal at one of the amazing French restaurants.

3. La Plagne

Last but not least, La Plagne is another amazing ski resort in France that is perfect for everybody who wants to try skiing for the first time. This place is incredibly beautiful every season of the year, but in winter the snowy landscape looks perfect. Around the resort, there are many ski schools for beginners and children in order to learn all the basic skills of skiing and snowboarding. Don’t be disappointed if you fall and fail the first few times, you are going to be better after practicing.

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