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15 Easy Wood Burning Craft Ideas for Beginners

Craft is hands down one of the most versatile ways to express your creativity in this world. If you are one of those few people that enjoy exploring new forms of crafts, the wood-burning craft is a fantastic option to explore.

A great thing about doing a wood-burning craft is that it allows you to elevate ordinary pieces of wood to something extraordinary. So, the next time you have a lot of time on your hands, this is something you can explore by yourself.

Also known as pyrography, the wood-burning craft is a process of burning an image into varying pieces of wood. It can be for decorative purposes, for example, on wall art or show pieces, or it could be on something functional like a chopping board, etc.

This article will explore the top 15 easy and fun wood-burning craft ideas that are ideal for beginners to explore.

Here are Wood Burning Craft Ideas for Beginners

Next time you have extra time on your hand and want to explore a new hobby, give pyrography a try.

Following are some wood-burning craft ideas you can explore yourself:

1. Letter Block Art

Switching to wooden toys is excellent because we are slowly trying to reduce our reliance on plastic. If you want to personalize your kid’s letter blocks or building blocks, wood burning is a great way to personalize the individual blocks.

Instead of exposing your child to the toxic chemicals in the paint, wood-burning imprints are safe and add a rustic look to each block. Also, the great thing about choosing plain letter blocks is the room for customization. You get to pick and choose the design, font, and layout.

As a beginner, we’d recommend you stencil out the letters on the individual blocks before you burn the wood.

Chceck out video for more details –

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2. Wood Burned Coasters

If you are one of those people that’s particular about coasters on the table, this is the best idea for you. Instead of buying those boring or overpriced designer coasters, make some yourself.

You can always start with something small, especially with spare pieces of wood. Then, once you master the technique well, get some circular or square wood pieces, sand the edges, and burn the wood to customize your DIY coasters for your dining table.

Check out this video for more inormation –

3. Wood Burned Cutting Board

Wood-burning craft and chopping boards are synonymous. They go amazingly well, not to mention that they also make a great gifting idea. Besides the wood-burning craft, you can also color code individual chopping boards.

The great thing about doing a DIY wood-burned cutting board is that they prevent cross-contamination. You know which board is for what, so you don’t end up cutting your meat on the veggie board.

4. Wood Burned Ornaments

When discussing ornaments, we mean the Christmas ornaments you hang from the tree. It can be a great DIY and fun experiment with kids to allow them to create their ornament from scratch.

Also, a wood-burned ornament in the Christmas tree adds a unique and rustic look to the otherwise festive and bling tree.

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5. Wood Burnt Picture Frame

How often do you wish to spruce up the boring wooden picture frame in your home? If it happens often, we’d recommend trying out wood-burning craft on the frame. It adds a personalized touch to the frame and enhances its edgy appearance.

Ideally, we’d recommend you start with a basic idea of the patterns and design and then go ham with it. There’s no room for imperfections because abstract is what’s trending right now.

6. Wood Burnt Greeting Card

Everyone loves receiving a personalized gift on their special day, right? Well, why not step ahead and make that a reality with wood burnt greeting card? These are not the easiest to make, especially with the quality of wood you’ll use.

Since you want a foldable card with a personalized message, you need a very thin sheet of wood. So, going light-handed with the wood-burning machine is crucial. You don’t want to burn through the wood.

7. DIY Wood Burnt Plant Tray

Personalized decorative pieces in the home don’t need an introduction. The same goes for this DIY wood-burnt plant tray as well. You can buy a normal plant tray from the supermarket and then spruce it up with designs and patterns to give it a personalized touch.

What’s great about adding such fine detailing to a plant tray is the versatility of use. You can use it to hang your plants or use it as a decorative piece in your home.

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8. Wood Burnt Wall Clock

If you have a rustic aesthetic with woody elements in your home, the wood burnt wall clock will make a fantastic addition. You can burn the wood of an existing wall click or create one from scratch. Since this is targeted more towards beginners, we’d recommend starting with an existing wooden wall clock.

The combination of the brown wood with the subtle burnt edges makes it an excellent addition to the home’s interior.

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9. Wood Burnt Tissue Holder

Do you realize how many heads will turn when you keep a burnt wood tissue holder in the middle of your dining table? Not only does it work as a statement piece, but it also makes a great “off-time” project.

You do need to start with a plain wooden tissue box. Also, taking up this project ensures that you consciously cut harmful plastic out of your life. As a beginner, we’d recommend you start with something simple like a pattern or wave and then work your way up.

10. Wood Burnt Beer Tankards

This one is for those beer enthusiasts who consume their beer out of their personalized beer tankards. Since they are made of solid wood, pyrography is a great way to spruce their look.

You can personalize the mug by adding your initials, or you can even go ahead and add some design and art to it to spruce up its appearance.

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11. Wood Burned Cloth Hanger

This one is again a matter of personalization. If you don’t want to mix up your cloth hangers and want to add a personal touch to them, trying the wood-burning craft on it is a great idea.

The only thing you need to ensure is to try it on a thicker wooden hanger. The thinner ones might not withstand the heat from the machine and snap in half. So instead, you can draw on the thicker ones to add another customization to the hanger.

Check out this video for more information –

12. Wood Burnt Welcome Wreath

As the saying goes, “First impression is the last impression.” So, why not hold the attention of your guests right from the moment they step into your home? A wood-burnt welcome wreath allows your creativity to run wild and free.

You can start with more minor adjustments in the wreath’s design or add lettering all around it. Also, adding some patterns and unique fonts for the “Welcome” sign.

Check out this video for more information –

13. Wood Burnt Standing Decors

It’s not every day that you get to add a part of your creativity to your home. So, why not now? If you are getting into pyrography, do them on standing decors. They make a great addition to your home’s interiors and aesthetics.

Also, you have the creative freedom to choose which décor pieces you wish to try pyrography on. As a beginner, we’d recommend starting to spare wood pieces to steady your hand and skills first.

Check out this video for more information –

14. Wood Burnt Hammer Handle

This one is another personalization project you can take on. Ideal for handymen, trying wood-burning craft allows you to mark your tools and separate them from others. You can add your initials, designs, logo, and more.

Since hammer handles are solid pieces of wood, doing the wood-burning craft is fairly simple on it. You won’t struggle to hold the material steady or slip on the edges.

Check out this video for more information –

15. Wood Burnt Stylish Earrings

Last on the list is the wood burnt stylish earrings. This is ideal for those who love to wear something unique and quirky instead of staple statement pieces.

The great thing about doing pyrography for earrings is that you can do it with wood chips and remnant waste wood on the side. You can try out different designs and patterns. Since earrings need intricate detailing, we’d recommend using a smaller wood-burning pen.

Check out this video for more information –


That’s all you need to know about wood burning as a craft. This is not just a fun leisure time activity but also a great way to customize new décor items in your home. Just ensure that you practice safety when doing this craft. Read through the manual and follow the steps mentioned. 

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