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Top 10 Cafe Bars in London You Need to Visit

Are going to London soon and you prefer coffee over the traditional British afternoon tea? Well, in that case your choice is big. In almost every street of this capital there is at least one cafe bar. It is always full with pleasant people and a nice friendly atmosphere that you will wish to enter in every single one of them.  If you are visiting soon there is no need for cafe bars search because we will present you the best ones there. It’s just up to you to scroll down and find the one that you will like the most.

1. Benugo – Hyde Park



Located in the center of the beautiful and world wide famous Hyde Park the lovely cafe Benugo  is a place where you could chill and relax for hours. With super cool outdoor sitting Benugo should be your first choice while you visit Hyde Park. The royal park owns a stunning pond the “Serpentine Lake” and Benugo offers the best view by their terrace or if you are sitting indoor by the huge windows. While you will have your coffee at the outdoor sitting,  and sitting at the beach chairs by the pond your first neighbors will be the super cute ducks and swans.

2. Wren Cafe



This old mid-week church nowadays is transformed into a cafe. The stunning big colorful windows are offering beautiful light inside the interior. Even since the old church became a home to the Wren cafe nothing has been changed into the church’s walls. The cafe is full with peaceful spirit and you can still see the church designed wooden wall decors. The Wren cafe offers every single kind of coffee for the coffee lovers.

3. Farm Girl – Nothing Hill



Have you ever heard about a rose latte? In the neighborhood of Nothing Hill not only the walls of the houses are colorful, but even the coffee has different color that you won’t find in rest of the world. The colorful neighborhood of Nothing Hill has a super stylish coffee. A minutes close to the Portobello Street Market is located the beautiful cafe Farm Girl. The most famous first rose latte ever is made in the cafe Farm Girl located here. In this rose interior styled cafeteria, the rose latte is not the only colorful choice, you can also find their tasty colorful donuts.

4. Madison



This iconic bar is located in the City of London really close to the St. Paul’s Cathedral. This rooftop cafe bar has a stunning view over the St. Paul’s Cathedral. The interior of Madison includes super fine glass dome, which offers a spectacular skyline view of the City of London. This iconic bar is an amazing choice for a place to drink your first cup of coffee and enjoy the morning sun. With a view like this, we doubt that you will have a bad day at the office!

5. The Orangery



The Orangery was originally built to serve as a dining room in the palace garden pavilion back in the late 1702 for the Queen Anne. Nowadays it is open for public and perfect for a coffee or a afternoon tea. As a part of the Kensington Palace in the city of Westminster, this cafe bar is actually the only royal palace room where you can have a coffee in the whole UK. The Orangery offers a stunning view of the Kensington Gardens. You can enjoy the lovely coffee and the exclusive fine dining porcelain made specially for The Orangery.

6. Founders Arms



Enjoy the perfect sunny summer days on the beautiful outdoor sitting at the Founders Arms Cafe. This lovely terrace offers a perfect view which is a combination of the River Thames, the Millennium Bridge and the second largest cupola in the world the St. Paul’s cupola. You can enjoy the street performances of the street artist near the cafe almost anytime when you are sitting here. Their terrace is always decorated with nice flowers and this decor makes the terrace look even better. Beside the fact that is perfect for a coffee, the cafe bar offers a really tasty food as well.

7. Gong Bar



According to many this is the best view bar in the city of London. The hotel Shangri – La in London owns The Gong bar. Located in the highest building in London The Shard, this cafe bar offers you the opportunity to enjoy the perfect view over  Tower Bridge by the floor-to-ceiling windows while you are drinking your coffee. But, besides enjoying food and drink, the bar also has its own swimming pool. Being located on level 52, this cafe bar also offers a nice panorama view of the whole city.

8. 2love Tea And Coffee



Located at the south bank of the River Thames, this is the only street cafe bar that offers a nice view at the Westminster Palace and the famous Big Ben. Just across the river of 2Love Tea and Coffee is the super famous House of Parliament more likely said the Westminster Palace. According the Guardian Newspaper, 2Love Tea and Coffee is one of the best 10 cafe bars in London. While located in the quiet area of the south bank this is the only cafe bar in London from which you can enjoy such a nice peaceful view of the most famous clock in the world ever – Big Ben.

9. V&A Cafe



The name of this cafe bar are actually the initials V & A or more likely Victoria and Albert. This cafe bar is settled in the yard of the royal British museum Victoria and Albert. Knowing the fact that the home of this cafe is the biggest museum in London which has the biggest account of art collection pieces, the breathtaking interior of this cafe bar is full of mosaics, stained glass, huge windows. All of this things combined with the lovely classical music is even more than enough for an amazing afternoon coffee. While here you are privileged to enjoy in the beautiful art paintings which are part of the lovely interior of the V & A cafe. Lovely and beautiful this is a perfect place when you can rest after the big tour in the museum.

10. Tate Modern Kitchen Bar



The home of the Tate Modern Kitchen Bar is  the modern art museum the famous Tate Museum. The bar is in the modern contemporary style so it will fit in this stunning super cool museum of modern arts. Over the big floor-to-ceiling windows this cafe bar has a stunning view over the River Thames, the Millennium Bridge and  the St. Paul’s Cathedral. The bar usually closes earlier so our tip is to visit the cafe bar on Friday or Saturday or more likely when the bar is open until 22 o’clock, this way you would be able to enjoy the sunset. And for one thing we are sure during the sunset this cafe bar offers a stunning view because meanwhile all of the night lights are already turned on, this combination always offers the best skyline view.

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