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Top 10 Eyeliner Tutorials for Irresistable Cat Eyes

Eyes are the mirror of our soul and that’s why we’re always doing our best to make them look more flawless and more beautiful. There’s only one eye look that never goes out of style and it’s very versatile, so you can wear it for every occasion, as a natural daily look or for a girl night out with your friends…you already know, we’re talking for a classic eyeliner or a cat eyes look!

Probably, like every girl you might be wearing every day the same old eyeliner style that you’ve practiced so well, but there are no more excuses for doing that because here is a list of 10 eyeliner tutorials that will help you to learn different, outrageous ways to use this essential makeup tool. Take a look at our collection of the best eyeliner tutorials and we’re sure that you’ll need a steady hand and a good mirror!

Simple Cat Eyes Look


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This is indeed a very simple cat eye makeup that doesn’t require any eye shadow, just a liquid eyeliner. There are few steps to follow, and once you master them you will be applying them like a pro. The brush of your eyeliner plays an important role, so if you are a beginner, try using thin and sturdy. Avoid flimsy eyeliner brushes especially if you are a beginner; it might be all over your eyelids. So, start by creating a line, then form a triangle, and after follow the lash line. Touch up any mistakes and finish with mascara.

Light And Easy Cat Eyes Look


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Start by prepping your eyes with a primer, foundation, and choose nude palette colors for this cat-eye look. First, apply light gold eyeshadow all over the eyelid, then, use golden and shimmery brown for the crease. Once you are happy with the eyeshadows, it is time for the eyeliner. If you can’t execute a perfect wing, identical on both eyes, try using scotch tape. Place it on the bottom of your wing, and use a dotting method to create a line; fill up the space between the dots and draw a smooth thin line near your lash line. A bit of eyeshadow for the bottom corner and mascara to finish this look.

Gold Glitter Cat Eye Makeup


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Create this gold glittery look by prepping your eye with a primer and peach eyeshadow for the eyelid and the crease area. For the corner of your eyelid, use a light brown shadow and start slowly creating the cat-eye look. After, apply darker brown shadow only on the crease area, but blend well the colors, before applying the glitter. Next, apply the glitter on the eyelids only, and with a golden glittery eyeliner add a line on the crease of your eyes. For the end, use black eyeliner to create a winged line and black mascara for the top and bottom lashes.

Sexy Cat Eyeliner Tutorial


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This makeup look uses gel eyeliner. This type of gel requires a high-quality brush. Dip the tip of the brush into the eyeliner pot and start with creating a tail (from the outer corner, towards your temple). Use a dotting method to help you draw a smooth line. Next, draw a triangle shape on the tail of your eye, where you first started, and connect the winged liner with the upper lash line. Clean and touch up if any mistakes, then apply your mascara.

Sultry Shadowed Cat Eyes


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This neutral makeup look can be perfect even for the daytime. This sultry cat look is a softer approach than the classic eyeliner. The base is a matte shadow for the entire eyelid; then the main eyeshadow is the shimmery dust rose that is applied to the lower half of the upper lid. To create a soft cat look, instead of eyeliner, use deep brown eyeshadow and lining the lash lines. Add beige shimmery shadow for the inner corner of your eyes and white eyeliner to the waterline. Finish this soft look by applying mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Double Wing Cat Eye Tutorial


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Begin creating this runway smokey eye look by using a matte grey eyeshadow to the lower half of the eyelid. On top of the base color but mainly focusing on the outer corner of the lid, use shimmery charcoal eyeshadow, as in the photo above. Line the upper lash line and create a wing by using a dark black eyeshadow then blend the line towards the middle of the lash line. Draw the double cat-eye wing by using a black pencil eyeliner for the bottom lash line and finish up with black mascara.

Merlot Cat Eye Tutorial


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This beautiful cat-eye look adds glam with a touch of merlot eyeshadow on the bottom lashline. First, start applying a ten shadow on the eyelid and a slightly darker brown for the crease areas just below your brows. Upgrade the look with a merlot shadow at the bottom lash line only, and black eyeliner for the top lashline starting from the very inner corner outwards. Purr-fect the cat look with a black pencil for the waterline and black mascara for both, bottom and upper lashes.

Canary Yellow Cat Eyes Look


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What a play with colors? The neutral base shadow adds a soft pinkish touch combined with the bright yellow. So, after your base, it’s time to apply the bright yellow shadow on the lid and blend them. For the bottom lashline, use dark brown shadow and a shimmery touch for the inner corner of your eye. Then, black eyeliner creating a sharp line to achieve the cat effect and finish up with mascara. Easy, different, and chic.

Emerald Green Eyeliner Tutorial


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As usual, start prepping your eye and add the neutral base color first. In the beginning, the main focus is the eyeshadows. So to create this emerald cat look, use two different brown shadows for the crease and the outer corner of your eye. The same darker brown shadow use for the bottom lash line too, then carefully add the most important step of this look, the emerald shimmery shadow using a thin brush resembling eyeliner. Add shimmery effect on top of your lids and create a wing lining both bottom and upper lash lines. Apply the mascara and you are good to go.

Cat Eye Enlarging Look


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No eyeliner needed! Use white shadow as a base for this look. Sweep it on the entire eyelid. Then using a medium brown shadow, blend the crease and the outer corner of your eyes. Create a cat-eye shape by using a dark brown shadow instead of eyeliner, carefully adding it to the entire upper and bottom lash line. A touch of light shimmery effect for the inner corner of the ye and mascara for the end.

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