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Top 10 Luscious Cherry Cakes

Cakes, sweets, bars, tarts, and muffins are always welcomed, every day, every night, every season. And for any party, of course. A party without cake at the end is not a party, especially if someone celebrates a birthday.

We are chocolate lovers, and our favorite ones are a mix of dark or white chocolate with some fruit. The fruit wrecks the sweetness and gives a sour taste a little bit. Today we decided to share with you the best cherry cakes.

Everything with cherries is always tastier. It’s like the old expression: “the cherry on the top of the cake,” which means when after few good things that happened, the last one is the best and enriches the situations in a positive way.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Mousse Cake



This dark, rich chocolate cake layered with deep balsamic, fresh cherries and satiny smooth dark chocolate mousse can be excellent for any celebration.

Meyer Lemon Cherry Coffee Cake



This cake is moist and buttery, spiked with bright lemon flavor. The coffee cake pairs cherries with lemons; it’s so summery. It is not so sweet. It’s a perfect dessert too sweet your tooth.

Cherry Vanilla Cake



This thin and tall vertical cake looks so elegant. And the decoration with the cherries on the top makes it looks beautiful. We are not gonna say anything about the taste. Just try it!

No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake



What can be better than no-bake dessert/cake? Easy to make and delicious to eat. Any kind of cheesecake is amazing, we love all of them, but this one with cherries can be listed as number one.

White Chocolate Cherry Cake



White chocolate is a better choice for dessert for hot summer days. It’s lighter than the dark chocolate, and you won’t feel heavy, and the cherries are here to wreck more the sweetness.

Triple Chocolate Cherry Cake



If you are a chocolate lover, this cake will blow your mind. It is too sweet, so we suggest you do not eat more than one piece. It’s perfect for birthday parties with more than 10 guests.

Cherry Angel Cream Cake



If you like cream cakes, here is this angel cream cherry cake. The taste of all ingredients is light, so it’s easy to eat. In combination with a cup of coffee goes perfectly.

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Oreo Cake



The cake is an Oreo crumb covered, hot fudge dipped, chocolate covered cherry cake. This recipe is used 1 package of Oreo crumbles, but you could add more if you want to.

Cherry Skillet Cake



This cherry skillet cake is perfect for afternoon tea or coffee time with your family. It’s so after-dinner dessert. We share the same opinion as to the one for the Meyer lemon coffee cake that this one is a summery dessert.

Cherry-Chocolate Chip Cake



Enjoy this chocolate-covered cherry in cake form. You can use the same recipe for making cookies, but the form looks better on a cake. Cut the pieces into cubes, triangles, or rectangles.

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