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Top 10 DIY Mason Jar Gifts

Birthdays are coming, and you are running out of money or don’t have any ideas? Don’t worry; there are plenty of DIY gift tutorials on the Internet. The mason jar gift is quite unusual.

They are definitely not the kind of gift you usually receive. But, it’s creative, practical and it can contain lots of nice stuff inside! What you need is just a few items and a little bit of inspiration and time to create an amazing mason jar gift.

If you are wondering where to start from, check out the ideas below.

1. Food Jar Gift



You need two mason jars, painter’s tape, craft paper, frosted glass spray paint, metal spray paint primer, and Everbuilt Jute Twine for this gift. If you prefer, you don’t need to make any strips on the jar. You should make handmade tags for the food and, if needed, write down the instructions. This tutorial includes a hot chocolate mix, but you can add other food or drink instead.

2. Makeup Brush Holders



Your best friend’s birthday is coming, and you want something girly to bring her? These makeup holders are a great idea for that. They are practical, and they would help her in organizing her makeup tools. You need a jar, coarse sea salt, dry short-grain rice, and something to decorate the jar with, like ribbon or lace.

3. Mint Scrub



Making this body scrub is really simple. You only need oil, like coconut, sugar, and an oil extract to give some scent to the scrub. If you choose a peppermint extract, then it won’t be a bad idea to add some green food coloring to make it look mintier. When it’s done, put the scrub in the jar and then decorate it with twine or ribbon.

4. Terrarium Kit



For this gift, you need to buy or pick up pebbles and put them in the bottom of the jar. You also add some charcoal in the jar, and if you want to, it will be a good idea to make polymer clay mushrooms and add them. Of course, don’t forget to make a printable card to slide it into the jar. As decoration, if you think you need some, use ribbon or twine.

5. Mason Jar Cocktails



Cocktails are a great way to celebrate a birthday or any other happy occasion. If you want to bring that kind of gift, what you need is a mason jar and mini bottles of alcohol or soda bottles. So, choose your friend’s favorite drink, which doesn’t have to be alcohol at all, and put it in the jar. For decoration, you need straws and ribbons.

6. Jar with Favorite Stuff



If you don’t know what to bring, then buy more of the things that your special person likes. This kind of gift is very creative when it comes to Mother’s day, but you can use it on other occasions as well. Just put a couple of items in the jar and decorate it. It will take you less than ten minutes if you previously bought what you need.

7. Manicure Set



Bring your lady friend something like this, and she will love it for sure. Buy the manicure set and add some nail polish with her favorite colors. When putting the items in the jar, put some cotton as well. The cotton will prevent the items from breaking. Of course, decorate the jar with ribbons.

8. Mason Jar Candles



Making candles is very easy, and you only need to follow the instructions and buy the needed items. Candles are a very nice gift. They are lovely decorations, and they can make your home smell really well as well. So, if you have time and some money, don’t hesitate to bring your friend a homemade candle.

9. Mason Jar Pincushions



If your friend loves to sew, this is the perfect gift for them. It is practical, it looks nice, and thanks to the mason jar, it looks very creative. You don’t need many items to buy, even some of them you might find at home. The jar itself looks very adorable, but if you think you need it, decorate it with ribbons.

10. Homemade Butter In a Jar



All three jars of butter are really easy to make, so if you’re fond of cooking, get in the kitchen and prepare some. Tasty food is always welcome, so your gift will be one of the best for sure. One of the best ways to start a morning is to eat something as delicious as berries butter on warm, crunchy toast.

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