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Top 10 DIY Recipes For Shea Butter Beauty Products

Shea butter is a common natural cosmetic ingredient. It has been used by African men and women for decades to cultivate good skin and hair. Organic unrefined shea butter carries a nutty, earthy aroma and is extremely nourishing to the skin.

It has inherent antibacterial properties and is excellent for avoiding stretch marks, speeds the process of healing wounds and cuts, and provides anti-aging skincare. It has found its way in many beauty products from skincare products to hair care, and it’s available for everyone who likes to make some all-natural beauty products.

One of the most important features of commercially available shea butter is that it is sold in its purest form, with no added additives. It’s an ingredient that anyone can have on hand and use on a regular basis.

So if you’re struggling with skin problems or dry and damaged hair and none of the store-bought products work, maybe it’s time to try some homemade products to replace all those processed and chemical-filled brands.

So if you need a gentle, anti-inflammatory moisturizer with healing properties, then you should get some shea butter and mix up some of these 10 amazing all-natural homemade beauty products.

Shea And Coconut Body Butter


Body butters are basically lotions, though some might argue that they provide additional moisturizing due to their thicker consistency. This soothing body butter is bursting with properties perfect for dry or sensitive skin, like shea butter, coconut, and almond oil, and as for the scent, you can add your favorite essential oil and feel fresh all day long.

Shea Butter Lip Balm


We’ve all deal with the problems of dry, chapped lips at least once a year, most commonly during winter. While there is a lot of chapstick and lipglosses available, it is always good to make sure to provide extra care for your lips. After all, they are the most sensitive part of your body. With the vitamin E and aloe vera in this recipe, you can be sure that your lips will be thoroughly protected will heal a lot faster.

Whipped Lemon Salt Scrub


Our asking regenerates and sheds all the time, so to make sure our skin is always clear and healthy, the occasional scrub is always a good idea. People with more sensitive skin might have a problem finding a scrub that doesn’t do more harm than good, which is why this gentle salt scrub with share butter is a nice product to try out.

Shea Butter Hair Milk


Shae butter is not only good for the skin, but for the hair as well. Hair needs to be moisturized as well, and share butter is rich in beneficial nutrients for the hair although it may look greasy at first. This recipe is good for deep conditioning your hair, and with ingredients like she butter, honey and coconut milk, you know that your hair will look amazing.

Shea Butter Hair Mask


For a bit more hair pampering, you must treat yourself to a hair mask. Shea butter can be combined with different ingredients to create the perfect hair mask for your hair type, and you can choose the recipe from the list in the link.

Shea Butter And Aloe Face Cream


The most problematic area of the skin and one we concern ourselves the most is the skin on our face. After all, it’s what people see about us first. Give your face a break from regular beauty products and treat it with some soothing, refreshing moisturising mask, with share butter, rosehip oil, and aloe vera, among other ingredients that will sure to revive and rejuvenate the skin.

Cracked Foot And Heel Balm


Another fairly neglected part of our body is the feet. We tend to especially neglect them during colder months, but come summer, we have to do something about those cracked heels. The moisturizing effects of the shea butter, along with coconut oil and beeswax will heal those cracked heels and tired feet in no time.

Shea Butter Bath Bomb


You can’t have a true spa-day at home without a nice long, relaxing bath. Bath bombs are always pleasing and healing not just for our body, but for our peace of mind as well. And you can be sure that your body will receive the full benefits of skincare while soaking in the tub if you drop one of these fabulous shea butter bath bombs inside. Let the shea butter, Himalayan, and sea salt do their magic while you take a breather.

Shea Butter Cinnamon Soap


Soap making doesn’t have to be a difficult process if you have the right ingredients, and with soaps, you can reap the benefits of shea butter every day. So, it’s safe to say that it’s very nice to have a homemade shea butter soap, especially one that is so easy to make.

Shea Butter Lotion


Fo our last recipe, we suggest a lotion that will work wonders on any part of your skin. It might require a few more ingredients than usual, but it will last you a longer time, and you can be sure that your skin will get only the best benefits of all that’s contained in this lotion.

That’s all the miraculous shea butter beauty products we have for now. What is the most common problem you have that you’d think shea butter can solve and what is your favorite shea butter product? Leave us your ideas and suggestions in the comments.

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