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If You Want To Look Stylish This Summer Here’s How To Do It


It’s safe to say that summer is knocking on our doors and waiting impatiently to embrace it. What we generally love about this season is the fact that it’s very cheerful, full of vibrant colors, and great mood.

But no matter how much we adore it, the reality is, that it can at times be challenging as well, particularly if you live somewhere where summers are very hot, so you need to find a way to look stylish without keeping it cool.

But don’t worry. When you have us, as your fashion gurus, by your side, then nothing is too demanding to accomplish. Therefore, if you would like to know how to look breathtaking this summer, then cast your eyes on these suggestions below!

Let’s Begin With Eyewear!

It doesn’t matter whether you’ll be spending a lot of time on the beach, going on a vacation, or not, what is always a must, especially during summer is some lovely pair of sunglasses. They should definitely be perceived as a necessity.

Not only are they capable of protecting you from detrimental UV rays, but they can take your entire outfit to the next level and make you look even more chic and glamorous. If you need some recommendations when it comes to this, then we would say to give Oakley sunglasses a try!

They are widely known for providing top-notch quality while making you look very sophisticated and elegant. Now, if you already own a pair of these, yet you would like to breathe new life into your Oakleys, then you can always browse the web to find online stores that will replace your old lenses with brand-new ones in no time. If you ask us, it’s always a good idea to invest some money in your eyewear.

Light Colors Are The Way To Go!

As we stated in the beginning, summer is generally a very cheerful and vibrant time of year, which means that there’s no room for any dark and gloomy colors. They should definitely be avoided during both summer and spring.

So instead, you should opt for soft and beautiful colors, such as beige, white, pastel, light pink, blue, and others. Aside from being a sight for sore eyes, light colors will also reflect sun rays, instead of absorbing them, which is essential when it’s humid and hot outside, right?

Loose Clothing Should Certainly Be Considered

One of the worst feelings during summer is when you feel all sweaty and sticky. The only thing that you want to do in these types of situations is to jump out of your own skin. However, since that’s not exactly doable, what you can do instead, is opt for some loose clothing.

Yes, we know that you may think that clothing items such as short skirts or shorts are a much better option, but believe us when we say, that actually cotton maxi dresses or, for example, wide-legged linen trousers are way better.

With them, you won’t feel like every single piece of clothing that you are wearing is sticking to your body and causing you to sweat like crazy. Both of these abovementioned things are going to keep you much cooler, so ensure to have them in your closet.

Bras Are A No-No This Summer!

Speaking of things that stick to your body, one of them, for sure, is a bra. And this summer, it’s time to say bye-bye to it because you do not need something that’s going to make you feel not only sticky but rather uncomfortable too!

Bear in mind that summer is the season during which you should feel unbothered and relaxed, and you won’t be able to feel this way if something like a bra is “on your way”. A couple of days ago, we ran into research that was conducted by Jean-Denis Rouillon, a French professor, where he concluded that women aged between 18 to 35 who didn’t wear bras have actually developed more muscle tissue.

And precisely that muscle tissue offered that extra support to their breast. Apart from that, he also realized that if you oftentimes wear a bra, you will prevent tissue from growing, which could potentially lead to saggy breasts, and we all know that women hate that.

Not More Than 3 Colors!

Although summer is a very colorful season, we would like to remind you that it would be best if you stick to up to three colors in your outfit. This is something that every true fashionista would advise you.


Since (unfortunately) none of us can be in a bikini all summer, the next best thing that you can do is to follow all these tips that we discussed today, and you’ll feel not only cool and beautiful, but comfy as well!

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