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Top 10 Romantic European Getaways for Couples

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, one of the best ways to spend it with your beloved one is travelling to a beautiful, romantic destination. For many Europe is the best choice – it has all the things one can ever wish for: vibrant city life, wild parties, rich culture scene, unique architecture and breathtaking nature.

No matter which country you choose, there is always something that will inspire you and make you to stay as long as possible. With so many places to see and visit, we picked our ten favorite for you. From capitals to villages, below you will find amazing places that will make you wish to be there the moment you see the picture.

Choose your favorite and if you have the opportunity, just go!

1. Prague, Czech Republic



Prague is the capital and also the largest city in the Czech Republic. It is a year – round destination, so no matter when you decide to visit, you are going to have amazing time. The city is more than 1000 year old, so prepare to see beautiful medieval architecture, such as the Old Town, which will take your breath with its’ narrow streets, old square and the Astronomical clock – one of the things that Prague is very famous for. You must take a walk on the Charles Bridge situated across the Vltava river. You will have amazing time with a breathtaking view, musicians playing some music and painters ready to make you a portrait. Besides this, Prague is very famous for the vibrant night life with so many clubs, bars and events.

2. Seville, Spain



As the rest of the Spanish cities, it is guaranteed that Seville will take your breath away with the Mediterranean food and architecture. The city has so much to offer to every tourist that comes to visit it, no matter if you’re a couple or single. Just walking down the streets and enjoying the joyful atmosphere will make you fall in love with the city. However, it would be a pity if you come here and don’t see what made Seville such a special attraction for tourists. There are many beautiful parks and gardens, but for a romantic experience we totally recommend you Parque de Maria Luisa and the Alcazar Gardens. The Alcazar Palace is so breathtaking that it almost looks like it’s from another Universe – definitely a must!

3. Cotswold, England



Located in the south central England, Cotswold is a region where you can find the most charming English towns and villages with a medieval touch. The place is like one of those that we hear about in fairy tales – small, stone houses with plenty of flowers surrounding them and wonderful nature all around. One of the villages that has this typical Cotswold architecture and spirit is Bibury, which with the Arlington Row of cottages is the place where every lovers would like to pass by. This place is the one previewed on the picture below. Cotswold has other places to offer as well, such as Winchcombe, where the architecture will make you feel as if you entered some fairy tale! If you visit this small town, don’t miss visiting the Sudeley Castle with the most amazing green, garden surrounding.

4. Venice, Italy



Is there something more romantic than a gondola ride across the Grand Canal? Venice is for centuries one of the most romantic cities in Europe. The capital of the Veneto region has so much to offer not only to couples, but for everyone as well. As any other Italian city, Venice has an amazing architecture and not to mention the deliciousness of the Italian pizza or gelato! You must see the major attractions of the city – the huge Basilica di San Marco, the Doge’s Palace, the Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal. Each of these attraction has a very unique way of charming you. Another way to experience the magic of Venice is to visit the famous Venetian Carnival in February. However, even though the city is a year – round destination, many prefer to visit it during summer because of the weather and to visit the near – by Lido di Jesolo beach.

5. Paris, France



Talking about romance and not mentioning the greatest City of Love is a total absurd. Paris is a classic, and that’s the way this city has been for decades. No matter when you decide to visit the city, Paris is going to charm you and next thing you want is to visit the city again and you still haven’t even left it! There are hundreds of places in Paris that will make you want to have your beloved one by your side. The Eiffel Tower is one of these. The tower has witnessed many marriage proposals! Other ways you can enjoy the French capital is cruising the river Seine, witness the nature’s beauty of the Luxembourg Gardens, the fascinating Versailles and the gardens surrounding it and many, many other attractions. But most of all, don’t forget to simply breath the spirit of the charming streets of Paris.

6. Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany



Rothenburg is an adorable, fairy tale look alike medieval town located in Bavaria, Germany. Rothenburg, or translated as “The Red Fortress above the Tauber” is a quiet, small place that doesn’t offer any wild nightlife, but it has other things that you won’t find everywhere across Europe. Walking through the narrow, cobblestone streets, colorful houses and squares will make you feel like as if you traveled back centuries ago! The whole town’s architecture makes it as one of the most picturesque towns in Europe. Make sure to visit the castle and the gardens, the Imperial Town Museum and the squares around the town. It’s a year – round destination, but visiting Rothenburg in winter, when it’s snowy and there’s Christmas spirit all around, it’s a special feeling.

7. Copenhagen, Denmark



The Danish capital is one of the best cities that Europe can offer you. There are hundreds of things to see and visit, so we’ll name just few. Wake up the adventurer in you by visiting the Tivoli Gardens amusement park and enjoy all the fun it offers you. At Langelinje Pier see the The Little Mermaid sculpture which is old more than 100 years, the hippie free town Christiania, the famous Nyhavn port filled with many bars and restaurants, or if you want a more “royal” experience, visit the gorgeous castles and royal palaces, such as the Frederiksborg castle and the Amalienbrog Palace. Copenhagen is also a very artistic city, so visiting the museums and the galleries can also be fun! Rent a bike and ride along the streets of this colorful Scandinavian city.

8. Giethoorn, Netherlands



Giethoorn or also called as the “Dutch Venice” is located in the eastern part of the Netherland, in the province of Overijssel. This small, quite place offers nothing but romance and enjoying the fascinating surrounding, full of green, trees, flowers and fairy tale look alike houses. You can pay for a ride across the village, but you can also ride a boat and have fun by yourself. After your riding, you can rest at the local, canal – side cozy restaurant or take a walk, cross the small bridges and have a wonderful experience in this one of a kind place in whole Europe!

9. Bergen, Norway



Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and is one of the oldest in the country as well. According to historians, this city was built more than thousand of years ago, back in 1020 AD by the king Olav Kyyre. The city has the typical Scandinavian architecture, hundreds of restaurants and bars, and museums and galleries to fulfill your art needs. If you want to party, don’t worry because Bergen is a very fun city as well! What’s really good about Bergen is that it’s close to the famous Norwegian fjords, so there are many tours organized. Nature is all around and that means you can walk, jog, hike or bike in the nearby mountains. Since it’s Norway we’re talking about, you’ll have the opportunity to see the northern lights – Aurora Borealis in live!

10. Ljubljana, Slovenia



Ljubljana is the capital and also the largest city in Slovenia. It is not famous as much as Paris or Venice are, but this city can give you all the excitement you crave for. The city was awarded as the European Green Capital for 2016, meaning that there is a plenty of nature for you to experience. You should visit the Ljubljana castle, from where the view over the city will amaze you. The picture below is taken from the castle, so you can see even now how beautiful Ljubljana is! You should also take a walk in the Tivoli Park, the triple bridge, and the The Robba Fountain or also known as the “The Fountain of Three Carniolan Rivers”. Ljubljana isn’t a big city, so in few days you can see all the attractions.

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