Top 10 Beautiful Air Plant Decor Ideas

TOP 10 Beautiful Air Plant Decorations | Top Inspired

Air plants are not only trendy and beautiful but also great for those with a black thumb. These little¬†aerophytes require minimal maintenance. They are perfectly fine without soil, and they can absorb water and nutrients directly through their leaves. Also known as Tillandsia, they only need indirect light, good airflow, and occasional misting. Make sure … Read more

Top 10 Ways To Store Jewelry

Top 10 Ways To Store Jewelry | Top Inspired

Don’t you just hate when your favorite earrings get lost because you don’t have a safe place to put them and they get scattered all over your purses, make up boxes and the toilet cabinets. That is not how you should store and take care of your jewelry. Jewelry are very fragile things,often times small … Read more