Top 10 DIY Wreaths for the Perfect Winter Wonderland

One of the most popular decorations during winter is certainly the door wreath. It is the perfect way to add some interesting decor outside the house, plus it doesn’t take too much space or money – especially if you do it yourself. In this article, we share ten DIY wreaths that will definitely contribute to … Read more

Top 10 DIY Super Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it means having new decor inside the houses. There are so many ideas that you can see on the Internet, which means you can try new decorations every year, and when it comes to DIY, it can also mean spending so little and getting so much! #thanksgiving #centerpieces … Read more

Top 10 Ways To Store Jewelry

Top 10 Ways To Store Jewelry | Top Inspired

Don’t you just hate when your favorite earrings get lost because you don’t have a safe place to put them and they get scattered all over your purses, make up boxes and the toilet cabinets. That is not how you should store and take care of your jewelry. Jewelry are very fragile things,often times small … Read more

Top 10 Ideas How to Turn Junk into Craft

Top 10 Ideas How to Turn Junk into Craft | Top Inspired

All DIY lovers are satisfied with the idea of transforming old and useless things and objects into a brand new item with various purposes! The crafting industry is growing fast day by day, and with the help of multiple ideas and suggestions, you can repurpose anything that crosses your mind! Old shutters, pallets, suitcases, or … Read more

Top 10 Festive DIY Christmas Tree Skirts

Top 10 Festive DIY Christmas Tree Skirts | Top Inspired

Oh, the joy of Christmas! All the excitement, the happiness, the gatherings with friends and family, the coziness of sitting in the living room encircled by the Christmas tree, decorations, etc.¬†While we are keeping up with the Christmas decorations and ornaments that have been passed down through the years, there is a thing that does … Read more

Top 10 Rustic DIY Burlap Projects for Christmas

The best holiday of the year is just around the corner and it’s high time for you to start decorating. Perhaps you have no inspiration on how to decorate your home and prepare for Christmas? Then we are here to help you. Burlap is a material that almost everyone has in their house that can … Read more

Top 10 Best DIY Christmas Garlands

December is a perfect time to say goodbye to the fall and all the Thanksgiving decorations and start preparing for the most cheerful period of the year, Christmas. This year, instead of spending money on decorations that probably everyone will have, make some one-of-a-kind decorations yourself. Holidays are great for craft projects. It’s a lot … Read more

Top 10 DIY Vase Decorations

Making your home more pleasant and beautiful doesn’t have to be a daunting project or a chore. A few simple items can make all the difference, and the most commonly used among them is a stylish vase with some fresh fragrant flowers. While this interior decorating choice might seem old-fashioned, the reason why it’s still … Read more

Top 10 Beautiful Christmas Tree Topper Tutorials

Top 10 Beautiful Christmas Tree Topper Tutorials | Top Inspired

No Christmas is complete without a beautifully decorated tree, and no Christmas Tree is complete without an eye catching Christmas Tree Topper. It’s so fun getting all the decorations up and making a festive holiday atmosphere in your home, and decorating the Christmas Tree is the best part of it! Kids always have a blast … Read more

Top 10 DIY Christmas Gift Bags

Top 10 DIY Christmas Gift Bags | Top Inspired

Everyone loves getting presents, but as they say, sometimes it’s better to give than to receive. With the holiday season upon us, we need to start thinking ahead about what to get for our friends. And you can make the giving even more fun if you store your thoughtful gifts into beautiful, festive and decorative … Read more