Top 10 DIY Adorable Crafts to Make for Valentine’s Day

In less than two weeks, we have one of the most celebrated holidays around the world – St. Valentine’s Day. This holiday of celebrating love when you get to spend time with your beloved one means giving them something in token of the love, usually flowers, chocolate and love cards. However, what you can do … Read more

Top 10 DIY Wreaths for the Perfect Winter Wonderland

One of the most popular decorations during winter is certainly the door wreath. It is the perfect way to add some interesting decor outside the house, plus it doesn’t take too much space or money – especially if you do it yourself. In this article, we share ten DIY wreaths that will definitely contribute to … Read more

Top 10 DIY Chic and Creative Ways to Decorate a Vase

Top 10 DIY Chic and Creative Ways to Decorate a Vase

Decorating vases can be so much fun if you’re into this kind of stuff. There are so many colors, patterns, ribbons, glitter – you are literally left with so many options! All you have to do is just wake up your creativity and use your imagination to do something. Flower vases can be the small … Read more

Top 10 Awesome Things To Make Using Empty Wine Bottles

Top 10 Awesome Things To Make Using Empty Wine Bottles | Top Inspired

Many of us, in our everyday lives, face routines. One of the routines is disposing of glass bottles simply because we don’t know what to do with them. The junkyards are filled with glass bottles perfectly fine to serve as something more than liquid storage. If you have a few empty wine bottles and don’t … Read more

Top 10 Artful DIY Test Tube Vases

Top 10 Artful DIY Test Tube Vases | Top Inspired

It is always nice to have a lovely floral arrangement in your home, especially if it’s made from fresh flowers. Even a simple, yet well-assembled bouquet will turn your living room or dinner table from ordinary to captivating. Unfortunately, not everyone is skilled at arranging flowers and buying already made ones may not always be possible. Luckily, there are ways that … Read more

Top 10 Excellent DIY End Tables

Top 10 Excellent DIY End Tables | Top Inspired

When you’re relaxing slouched on the couch, you don’t want to get up only to put down whatever you were holding; a glass of wine, your favorite book, or a bowl of snacks. In those situations, it is handy to have an end table next to the couch or your bed. End tables or side … Read more

Top 10 Stunning DIY Choker Nekclaces

Top 10 Stunning DIY Choker Nekclaces | Top Inspired

Choker necklaces have been around for centuries and at one point were considered the height of jewelry fashion. The definition of the classical choker is a lace, velvet or other strip of material worn tight around the neck and adorned with some kind of a pendant. Today, they are favored by various subcultures, but that … Read more

Top 10 DIY Christmassy Napkin Rings

When hosting a fancy dinner party you want everything to be perfect, down to the smallest detail, and let’s face it, those details can be the deciding factor between receiving praise or rebuke from your guest. So, if you wish to add some extra holiday feel to your dinner table, without overdoing it, you can … Read more

Top 10 Lovely DIY Christmas Beaded Earrings

Is there any season more precious than Christmastime? It is a time when we are happy and joyful, a time when we give and receive presents and a time when we decorate our home with Christmas-themed things. However, in order for the true Christmas spirit to be upon us, besides decorating our home, we can … Read more

Top 10 Fun And Fancy DIY Washer Necklaces

Accessorizing can entirely change the look of an outfit entirely, which is why women love having different jewelry pieces, especially necklaces. While necklaces can be a lot affordable than buying a whole new outfit it doesn’t mean that we must spend a fortune on a few trinkets, no matter how cool they look. In fact, … Read more