Top 10 Beautiful Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Wedding favors are something that every soon-to-be-married couple pays attention to – after all, we all want our guests to feel our appreciation from a small gesture such as getting a wedding favor for them. This can mean buying different kinds of food and other stuff, all packed in creative and adorable packages. Below you … Read more

Top 10 DIY Decorations For a Birthday Party

No matter if it’s a baby, child, or a grown-up celebrating a birthday, it is always more fun when having the proper party decoration. Sprinkles, colorful, sparkly – all these and other decorating ways can make any birthday look awesome. The ten ideas we picked for you will be done even if you’re a DIY beginner. … Read more

Top 10 DIY Creative and Adorable Gift Basket Ideas

When in doubt, make gift baskets. They look adorable, and if you pick the right items, they can be very practical. Giving them to a close one means filling this basket with all things they really like, which leaves you with plenty of choices even when you don’t know somebody’s taste that well. Giving chocolate or … Read more

Top 10 Ways to Decorate with Polaroid Display

Polaroids can serve more than just reminding us of certain memories. Displaying them can be quite creative, so if you consider yourself the creative type of person, read along. This article presents to you how you can decorate your home with different kinds of photo displays. Some of them you may have already seen, as … Read more

Top 10 DIY Vertical Garden Ideas to Try This Spring

The famous Roman politician, orator, and philosopher Cicero once said: “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” Buying books and arranging them in the house isn’t a hard task, but having a garden requires your time and attention. Thus, many decide to live in apartments or simply not take … Read more

Top 10 DIY Mason Jar Gifts

Top 10 DIY Mason Jar Gifts | Top Inspired

Birthdays are coming, and you are running out of money or don’t have any ideas? Don’t worry; there are plenty of DIY gift tutorials on the Internet. The mason jar gift is quite unusual. They are definitely not the kind of gift you usually receive. But, it’s creative, practical and it can contain lots of … Read more

Top 10 Cheap and Chic DIY Headboard Ideas

Top 10 Cheap and Chic DIY Headboard Ideas | Top Inspired

A classic way to add a statement to your bedroom is by making a good-looking headboard. There is a lot to choose from: wooden headboards, fabric headboards, metal headboards, etc. Depending on the bed and the room, choose your headboard material and make an awesome adjustment to your bed. Instead of buying, save some money … Read more

Top 10 Easy and Inspiring DIY Twine Projects for Your Home

Top 10 Easy and Inspiring DIY Twine Projects for Your Home | Top Inspired

Spring is here that gives us one more reason to refresh our surroundings, to create something new; after all, it is the season of rebirth and creation. Start with the small things, add some new ornaments to your home or restore your old ones by simply adding a few extra details. The perfect detail could … Read more

Top 10 Awesome Things To Make Using Empty Wine Bottles

Top 10 Awesome Things To Make Using Empty Wine Bottles | Top Inspired

Many of us, in our everyday lives, face routines. One of the routines is disposing of glass bottles simply because we don’t know what to do with them. The junkyards are filled with glass bottles perfectly fine to serve as something more than liquid storage. If you have a few empty wine bottles and don’t … Read more

Top 10 DIY Christmas Mason Jar Crafts

Top 10 DIY Christmas Mason Jar Crafts | Top Inspired

Painted Snowman Mason Jar via You need acrylic paints, ribbon and tea light. Paint the jar in any color that you like. After painting the background of the jar, with white color paint the snowman, and paint its further particulars like eyes, nostril, scarf,  buttons, and everything else that you want, you can even … Read more