Top 10 DIY Adorable Crafts to Make for Valentine’s Day

In less than two weeks, we have one of the most celebrated holidays around the world – St. Valentine’s Day. This holiday of celebrating love when you get to spend time with your beloved one means giving them something in token of the love, usually flowers, chocolate and love cards. However, what you can do … Read more

Top 10 Amazing Galaxy-Inspired DIY Projects

Looking for some inspiration for new DIY projects? In that case, we like to share with you what took our breath away last: galaxy-inspired¬†projects! You might have already seen some of them on social media, but there’s plenty that you can DIY. We picked different things, from jars to scarves, so that there’s something for … Read more

Top 10 Gorgeous Examples of Scandinavian Bedrooms

There’s something about the Scandinavian interior that we simply can’t resist! It’s about simplicity, the practical, and the classy. This type of interior is perfect for everyone who doesn’t like too many items in a room but instead prefers clean colors and more space than objects. You can arrange your whole home according to the … Read more

Top 10 Home Decor Ideas for the Boho Style Lovers

Being boho isn’t just a way of dressing; it’s a lifestyle you also transfer into your home style. The colors, the textures, and the print – everything can be put into an order that will make your home look like a little boho paradise. We prepared ten home decor ideas for all the boho style … Read more

Top 10 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Home with Flowers

Decorating our home in the spirit of spring is always refreshing. When it comes to that kind of decorating, flowers are the perfect choice! They are beautiful, colorful, gentle and can make your room full of natural fragrances. The good thing about decorating with flowers is that you won’t spend a lot, and it neither … Read more

Top 10 Gallery Wall Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

Gallery walls are the perfect way to display your personal taste and decorate your empty walls simultaneously. You can start with a few pieces only and gradually add more as long as space allows. There are endless gallery wall ideas: create a random space of sizing, framing, and alignments, choose your theme, create a mix … Read more

Top 10 Ingenious Ways to Hide or Cover Power Cords

TOP 10 Ingenious Ways to Hide or Cover Power Cords | Top Inspired

Even the tiniest, nicest home looks messy because of cluttered power cords laying around in the corner, under the desk, or right on top of it. We have too many chargers, power cords, wires for all the electrical devices, and they often seem quite unruly. To manage the clutter of cables, there are several fun … Read more

Top 10 Creative Wall Art Ideas To Decorate Your Space

Top 10 Creative Wall Art Ideas To Decorate Your Space | Top Inspired

If you’re planning on redecorating your home, and you’re out of ideas on how to make it look more interesting and cool, here you will find some great DIY wall art projects for your space. There are so many different ways to make beautiful art for the walls of your home or office, but we … Read more

Top 10 Unique Ways to Display Family Photos

TOP 10 Unique Ways to Display Family Photos | Top Inspired

Family photos are so precious. They are a reminder of good times spent with our loved ones, of many special occasions, of our children growing up, and of our life in general. No wonder we take special care of them and spend time and creativity to display them properly. There are so many ways to … Read more

Top 10 DIY Map Gifts For Travel Lovers

Top 10 DIY Map Gifts For Travel Lovers | Top Inspired

We all have wanderlust friends, and some of them even get to travel often, if not all the time. So, if you want to surprise your travel lover friends with a gift made by you, one of the themes that can inspire you is the map. Today, the map is not only some item that … Read more