Top 10 DIY Hanging Planters That Will Make Your Garden Look Amazing

The arrival of spring means that it’s time to spend more time in the garden – not just enjoying the beautiful weather, but to work on decorating this space to make it even more of an enjoyable experience. One of the best ways to decorate your garden is to invest in better-looking planters. This also … Read more

Top 10 Simple Ways To Decorate Your Home with Flowers

Decorating our home in the spirit of spring is always refreshing. When it comes to that kind of decorating, flowers are the perfect choice! They are beautiful, colorful, gentle and can make your room full of natural fragrances. The good thing about decorating with flowers is that you won’t spend a lot, and it neither … Read more

TOP 10 Fun DIY Projects with Succulent Plants

TOP 10 Fun DIY Projects with Succulent Plants | Top Inspired

How can you not love succulents? They are cute, versatile, and oh so easy to grow. You can see succulents everywhere, as home decor, wedding arrangements, favors, etc. Succulents come in various shapes and colors, so you will never get bored of getting new ones, arranging them, and suing them for fun DIY projects. Try … Read more

Top 10 Enchanting DIY Plant Stands

Top 10 Enchanting DIY Plant Stands | Top Inspired

A lovely decorated living space gives the feeling of a real home. All those personal touches are what give your home its personality and make it uniquely yours. Unfortunately, today we tend to look for abstract and lifeless decorations. We overlook decorating with living plants because caring for them is an additional responsibility and they … Read more

Top 10 Original DIY Flower Pots

As a flower lover, you probably own a lot of them and you’re aware of the fact that they are making your home a better and happier place. But it doesn’t matter how beautiful and colorful your flowers are if you don’t have an appropriate way to display them. That’s why you need some wonderful … Read more