Top 10 Inspiring Rock Art Ideas – [Painted Rocks is the Latest CRAZE]

TOP 10 Inspiring Rock Art Ideas | Top Inspired

Gather some stones, check out these cool Rock Art Ideas, and unleash your inner artist! It is possible to paint nearly everything and here is another new trend, rock art. Forget about painting on expensive canvas. Stones are cheap; you can even collect some on your next walk near the river or the beach. The smoother … Read more

Top 10 Stylish DIY Consoles

TOP 10 Stylish DIY Consoles | Top Inspired

Building your own furniture is not only fun but also a cost saving solution. When you move into a new apartment and have to furnish it from scratch, often a low-budget option comes first. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. There are endless advantages to making your own furniture. You are the one who decides … Read more

TOP 10 Easy DIY Halloween Masks

TOP 10 Easy DIY Halloween Masks | Top Inspired

Halloween is just around the corner and you haven’t got any idea for your costume yet? Everyone eventually gets bored of seeing the same ones year after year so it’s always a great idea to add an individual touch to your costume. The best way of doing so is to wear something homemade, like any of this DIY … Read more

Top 10 Best DIY Accent Wall Ideas

TOP 10 DIY Accent Wall Ideas | Top Inspired

If there is an otherwise dull and boring space in any of your rooms, some of these accent wall ideas will be the perfect solution to bring new texture and color into your home. It is the best way to emphasize a great architectural feature, bring attention to a piece of furniture or art, or apply a … Read more

Top 10 DIY Room Decor Life Hacks

Top 10 DIY Room Decor Life Hacks | Top Inspired

Okay, so we are NEVER enough of room decor. There are so many ideas and hacks that you can’t stop writing about. For this week’s project, we have gathered the brand new 10 room decor life hacks that are DIY and easy as a cupcake. Your room should be a place of harmony and expressing … Read more

Top 10 Enchanting DIY Plant Stands

Top 10 Enchanting DIY Plant Stands | Top Inspired

A lovely decorated living space gives the feeling of a real home. All those personal touches are what give your home its personality and make it uniquely yours. Unfortunately, today we tend to look for abstract and lifeless decorations. We overlook decorating with living plants because caring for them is an additional responsibility and they … Read more

Top 10 Things To Do With Old Jeans

Jeans! That’s the thing that will never go out of fashion no matter how long they’ve exited for. They’re perfect for any season, and the variety of jeans styles is so big that they match whatever fashion taste you have. But, since they’re so appealing, it’s a shame to throw them away when you’ve grown … Read more

Top 10 Patterns for Fun Crochet Projects

If you’re new to crocheting, you’re about to discover a world of endless, colorful possibilities. It might be a little difficult in the beginning, but practice makes perfect. Start with something small to get the hang of it and then move on to more elaborate projects. We found some crotchet patterns for interesting projects and … Read more

Top 10 Gorgeous Crochet Patterns for Handbags

No woman gets out of the house without her handbag. They are not only useful but also make great accessories for styling up your outfit. But, adding new accessories and handbags to your wardrobe can be quite costly, which is why these crochet projects are offering some creative ways to update your wardrobe cost-effectively. Create … Read more

Top 10 Free Patterns for Crocheted Snowflakes

The snowflake is one of nature’s best decorating ideas. And crochet Christmas ornaments are so much fun to make around the holidays. So why not combine these two and create some wonderful crocheted snowflakes to adorn your Christmas Tree or use as embellishment for other projects. Have fun experimenting with different sizes, colors and patterns … Read more