Top 10 Stylish DIY Consoles

TOP 10 Stylish DIY Consoles | Top Inspired

Building your own furniture is not only fun but also a cost saving solution. When you move into a new apartment and have to furnish it from scratch, often a low-budget option comes first. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. There are¬†endless advantages to making your own furniture. You are the one who decides … Read more

Top 10 Lovely DIY Repurposed Vintage Doors

Top 10 Lovely DIY Repurposed Vintage Doors | Top Inspired

We use them every day, yet rarely notice them, except when we lose our keys and they are the only thing preventing us from entering our home. Doors are what keep our entryways closed and secure, and all we care about is for them to be sturdy, whole, and not to the creek when we … Read more