Top 10 Stylish DIY Consoles

TOP 10 Stylish DIY Consoles | Top Inspired

Building your own furniture is not only fun but also a cost saving solution. When you move into a new apartment and have to furnish it from scratch, often a low-budget option comes first. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. There are¬†endless advantages to making your own furniture. You are the one who decides … Read more

Top 10 Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Ideas for Small Spaces

TOP 10 Kitchen-Living Room Combos for Small Apartments | Top Inspired

A home with¬†multi-functional spaces such as the Open plan kitchen – living room combo is one of the best features an apartment can have. Instead of having a kitchen isolated from the home’s social areas, open plan kitchens combined with dining and lounging areas are practical and draw people together. When executed well, this area … Read more