Top 10 Home Decor Ideas for the Boho Style Lovers

Being boho isn’t just a way of dressing; it’s a lifestyle you also transfer into your home style. The colors, the textures, and the print – everything can be put into an order that will make your home look like a little boho paradise. We prepared ten home decor ideas for all the boho style … Read more

Top 10 Lovely DIY Bathroom Decor and Storage Ideas

Top 10 Lovely DIY Bathroom Decor and Storage Ideas | Top Inspired

Want to decorate your bathroom and save up some space? You should definitely take a look at this post. Here you can find lovely ideas for decorating your bathroom in different ways. With some easy, practical projects, you can make wonderful decorations. You can also make some space to store things like towels, cleaning products, … Read more

Top 10 Clever Ideas For Small Baths

Top 10 Clever Ideas For Small Baths | Top Inspired

Not everybody has the luxury to enjoy a big tub and a heated floor bath, but that doesn’t mean your bathroom should be deserted and not given any special attention. You should be able to enjoy your time spent there just like in any other room. It is important to pay attention and change just … Read more

Top 10 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Christmas is a time to be joyful, caring, grateful and also a time to give and receive gifts. Buying a perfect present for your loved ones can be a bit challenging, especially if you already gave them many presents over the years and you feel like you’re running out of options. A present doesn’t have … Read more