Top 10 Amazing Galaxy-Inspired DIY Projects

Looking for some inspiration for new DIY projects? In that case, we like to share with you what took our breath away last: galaxy-inspired projects! You might have already seen some of them on social media, but there’s plenty that you can DIY. We picked different things, from jars to scarves, so that there’s something for … Read more

Top 10 Beautiful Matte Nail Art Ideas

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TOP 10 Galactic DIY Nebula Projects

TOP 10 Galactic DIY Nebula Projects | Top Inspired

Now you must be asking yourself, what on Earth is a nebula? Actually, it is nothing you can find on Earth as a nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium, and other ionized gases. So, yes, the nebula is totally out of space! But with the galactic trend that is so popular right … Read more

Top 10 DIY Winter Nail Art Tutorials

Top 10 DIY Winter Nail Art | Top Inspired

It’s cold outside and the most wonderful time of the year is coming. Now, when winter is just around the corner it’s socially acceptable for every girl to wear inspirational winter nail design. That’s the reason why we’ve made this amazing collection of top 10 winter nail tutorials you must try. You can choose different nail styles for … Read more