Top 10 Beautiful Matte Nail Art Ideas

In this article, you can see ten amazing ideas on how you can apply matte nail polish. If you don’t want to waste too much time on your nails, you can always choose the easiest of all option – applying one base coat, but if you’re the type of person who wants them all glittery, … Read more

Top 10 Nail Art Designs Inspired by Fall

Some people like being creative with clothes, hair, or makeup, while others with their nails. Having nice and creative nail art can be such an amazing feeling, so why not give a try to something more than just applying a one-coat base? With fall casting its magic everywhere, it’s a good idea to take some … Read more

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Grace Kelly

There’s only one Hollywood actress that became a princess – the one and only Grace Kelly. Born in Philadelphia in 1929, Grace Kelly loved being an actress since she was a little girl and her dream came true during the golden Hollywood era. Even though her acting career didn’t last long, she did well enough … Read more

Top 10 Creative And Inexpensive DIY Business Or Calling Cards

Top 10 Creative And Inexpensive DIY Business Or Calling Cards | Top Inspired

From among the million little details needed when starting your own business, aside from the obvious, probably the most important is the business or calling card. It is your first line of marketing and a way of presenting yourself in a memorable way to potential customers, partners, and cooperators. They may turn out to be … Read more

Top 10 DIY Crafts With Wine Corks

Top 10  DIY Crafts With Wine Corks | Top Inspired

Cork is a waterproof and heat-absorbent material that can have many uses around the house and for crafty projects, yet these features of the material pale in comparison to the visually pleasant wood-like appearance of the cork. It’s like a tiny wood piece, but lighter and more convenient. Cork is available in different stores and … Read more